• Taylor Swift Reputation

    Taylor Swift Breaks Free on ‘Reputation’

    TAYLOR SWIFT SWINGS THE DOOR OPEN ON ‘REPUTATION,’ REVEALING HERSELF TO FANS FOR THE FIRST TIME. It was five years ago when I met Taylor Swift for the first time. I was at an awards show afterparty in Nashville, unknowing that the most famous singer in music was just behind a set of closed doors. While grabbing a mixed drink cocktail from the bar, I ran into a friend. One who had been spending the evening with Taylor and her friends, and who later led me “behind the curtain,” through a sea of people to the entry of a room that held the secrets of an early Taylor Swift reputation.…

  • katy perry 2017

    Dear Katy Perry: An Open Letter to a Pop Star

    Dear Katy Perry, You look tired. The vivacious pop star that once graced the top of the charts with pop masterpieces that made boys dream about “California Girls” and girls relive their “Last Friday Night” is seemingly distant. And that’s okay. We’re not mad, we’re just worried. What started as a low-key feud with Taylor Swift, turned into a full-blown war. A war you’re not winning. You performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2015; a moment that should have defined you, at the top of your game. The colorful performance though was second fiddle to the “left shark controversy” regarding Swift’s male dancer. That’s what people remember. Then…

  • Taylor Swift timeless

    Taylor Swift’s Reputation: Here’s What We Know

    If the internet is a source of truth, we know two things: that cough you feel coming on is definitely a life-threatening illness and Taylor Swift is making her return to music tonight. For weeks, the inter-webs have been a buzz with news that Taylor Swift was preparing the follow up to her mega successful album 1989, released in 2014. Per usual for the country-turned-pop starlet, Swift has been tight lipped about the return. Many claimed the singer was preparing a massive overhaul to her image and sound, which the singer fueled when she stripped all her social accounts and website last Friday. This week, the singer began sharing videos to her social accounts…

  • Entertainment

    VOTW: Wildest Dreams, Ghosts & Female Feuds

    When your week gets busy and time flies by, the internet doesn’t stop. That’s why V for Vetrano has you covered with all the must see videos of the week. Every Friday, visit Listen! It’s Vetrano for the week’s most talked about music premieres, television moments and viral videos that will keep you current and in-the-know at Sunday brunch with your friends. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? The newest single from Justin Bieber dropped late last week, followed by his return to the MTV Video Music Awards stage, and this week the R&B crooner debuted the video for “What Do You Mean?”. The video features the singer getting steamy with his female co-star and showing…

  • People

    Nashville Notables: Cary Barlowe

    There’s a large group of unsung heroes in Nashville. A grouping of talented people who often get ignored by mainstream press and get lost behind blinding paparazzi flash bulbs. Those people? Songwriters. Songwriters are one of the most charming and interesting parts of Music City. After all, they built this city and are likely responsible for the city’s nickname. So, in an effort to bring those talented storytellers to the forefront –maybe even for the first time– Listen! It’s Vetrano introduces the Songwriter Spotlight, an interview feature with some of the biggest names you may not know… but absolutely should. I kick off the series with one of the nicest and most fun…

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    VOTW: Legondary Goodbyes, Divas Unite & Bad Blood

    When your week gets busy and time flies by, the internet doesn’t stop. That’s why V for Vetrano has you covered with all the must-see videos of the week. Every Friday, visit Listen! It’s Vetrano for the week’s most talked about music premieres, television moments and viral videos that will keep you current and knowledgable at the Sunday brunch table. Taylor Swift (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) – Bad Blood Oops! She did it again. Taylor Swift just about broke the internet when she debuted her video for the 1989 single “Bad Blood” at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards. In just under 24 hours, the video broke the Vevo record hitting 20.1 million…

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    Marry Date Kill (Feat. Bandit Heart)

    In this week’s episode of the Listen! It’s Vetrano YouTube series, Troy Akers (aka Bandit Heart) stops by to play an updated version of the game Marry Date Kill. When random objects like a watermelon, a razor blade and apple pie turn up in the mix of celebrities, things get awkward. Watch the video above to see who stays and who… goes. After you watch us play Marry Date Kill, you can check out my full interview with Bandit Heart, where he talks about his favorite spots in Nashville, the inspiration for his new music and his new single “Don’t Let Me Go,” which is on iTunes now. Plus, you can find…

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    Take 5: Asher Monroe

    We all love to know what inspires our favorite stars and we want to know what – or who– is behind our favorite lyrics. But why is every interview so serious all the time? ‘Take 5’ is a regular feature on Listen! It’s Vetrano that gives you a quick insight into some of the lighter things in your favorite stars’ lives. Next up in the ‘Take 5’ hot seat, pop music performer and actor Asher Monroe. I chatted with Asher in February upon the release of his EP On My Way: Part 2. You can read the full interview, where the singer talked about his roles in Fame and Parenthood and working with Chris Brown on his latest…

  • Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece

    Kelly Clarkson: Piece By Piece | Album Review

    Since the release of her last record, Kelly Clarkson‘s personal life has done a complete 180º turn around with the marriage to her manager’s son, Brandon Blackstock, the birth of her first daughter River Rose and a continued battle of public scrutiny about her weight. Though she has never been one to flaunt her personal life through the tabloids and often ignores stories of her weight, Clarkson instead shifts focus on her music and her voice. The voice that won her the title of America’s first Idol in 2002, a bundle of Grammy Awards and countless radio hits. On Tuesday, the singer will deliver her seventh studio album Piece By Piece, which has been noted as the singer’s most…

  • Entertainment

    Video Premiere: Taylor Swift “Style”

    After it’s first two singles were released in 2014, 1989 became the biggest selling album of last year. Now with a new single to kick off 2015 the album may be continue to hold that title. Adding another number one to her list of accomplishments, Taylor Swift “Style” comes to life with a new video. This morning, the singer debuted her video for “Style”, the third single from the 1989 album. The clip, which is a more artistic presentation than she’s previous delivered, is also the singer’s sexiest effort to date. Rarely showing much skin and staying fairly true to her “good girl faith,” Taylor breaks the mold and mimes her trademarked lyrics with a sultry…

  • Grammy-Recap-Sam-Smith

    2015 Grammy Recap

    It’s the Super Bowl of the music industry. Music’s biggest night. Cassadee and I gathered at her new Nashville condo downtown in our version of red carpet looks — a step above onesie pajamas — to watch the biggest names in music take the red carpet, perform their hits and accept their prizes at the 2015 Grammy Awards. We laughed, we cried, we ate pizza. Wait, scratch the first two: we mostly just ate pizza. And now that I’ve recovered from my pizza-induced coma of Grammy reflection, I’m ready to break it all down in my annual Grammy recap for those of you who may have missed the big show. The Carpet…