Man Crush Monday: My Love Story

V for Vetrano here with some not-so-breaking news. In one of my recent posts, I dropped a bomb about wedding planning which made some of you go “woah… wait!…what?!” Sorry about that. I realize my personal life has been pretty obsolete from the blog until now. But after years of blogging about music and entertainment, I’m finally ready to share my love story and a peek into my life outside of the Housewives, Taylors and Britneys. Starting with Joe, my forever Man Crush Monday.

My Love Story

For most of my early adult life, I was single. I didn’t really mind because I was focused on building a business and finding my tribe. Though friends pushed me to date, I wasn’t quite sure I had found myself yet, let alone ready to find a mate. As the years rolled on, I slowly started dipping my toe into the dating pool. Failed attempt after failed attempt, I was sure my gravestone would eventually read ‘Unsuccessful at Love.’ Then something happened, I found someone… accidentally. The rest –or those details at least– are history… or perhaps for another time.

Joe found me. Or I found him, I am not sure of the order. Either way, we found each other and the universe quickly showed us why we happened upon each other that fateful day. From our first date, I knew I had found my best friend. Only having just learned about him, I felt as though I’d known him forever — filling in those lonely years prior. I felt whole.

It didn’t take us long before we were spending most of our days and nights together — meeting the families, traveling for weekend trips (mostly to catch Ariana Grande on her world tour) and starting the life that we ultimately predicted would be together.

In December of 2015, on a Christmas morning in our pajamas, Joe proposed. In the very spot where I picked him up for our first date and months later carved our names in the cement. He got down on one knee (something I always imagined myself doing) and asked me to spend life with him.

What’s Next?

I said yes (obviously) and then we purchased a house, started raising a puppy and settled into our new life together. We held on setting a wedding date to get some of those things accomplished first. Because 1) weddings are expensive and, 2) so is Nashville rent. But now, it’s almost here. In May, Joe and I will officially be married in an intimate Nashville ceremony, followed by a kickass dance party with only our closest friends and family. And then who knows?

That’s the beauty of our relationship. It’s unpredictable and full of adventure. So cheers to Joe, my forever Man Crush Monday.

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