VOTW: Sisters, Blue & Nothin’ Like You

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Marina and the Diamonds – Blue

The latest single from Marina and the Diamonds‘ FROOT album packs a summery punch. The feel good-sounding song has the makings of a summer classic, while the lyrics tell a sadder, “blue”-er story. One of the album’s standout tracks, the new single and video are classic Marina. Watch Marina and the Diamonds “Blue” above and share your thoughts on the song in the comments below.

Sisters (Trailer)

Comedy’s power couple doesn’t come with gold bands and prenups. Instead, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are the American sweethearts of the entertainment industry. It’s no wonder the trailer for their new film Sisters is already a viral sensation. The comedy, which will go head to head with the newest Star Wars film this Christmas, follows two sisters (Poehler & Fey) who return home after learning their parents are selling their childhood home. Filled with slapstick humor and cameos from the pair’s funny pals, this one looks like a hit. Do you think it will match up against the Star Wars juggernaut?

Dan + Shay – Nothin’ Like You

Country’s Dan + Shay return with the third single from their debut album, Where It All Began. A summery, love tale entitled “Nothin’ Like You,” the single provides the perfect soundtrack from a lazy day on the beach or pool-side on the weekend. The canine loving chase after a love-struck pup in the video for the single, which helps raise awareness for rescuing animals with the help of Nashville’s Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. Watch the dog chase below and let me know what your favorite Dan + Shay song is this summer on Twitter using the hashtag #ListenItsVetrano!

Lark Voorhies Interview

This is just so sad. After years of speculation and bizarre behavior, Saved By the Bell star Lark Voorhies is making headlines again. This time, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the teenage starlet goes on the defense after claims from her mother that she is marrying a gang member. Unfortunately though, Voorhies can’t seem to pull it together for the interview and instead just throws out a number of jumbled, perhaps rehearsed, words that don’t formulate a complete thought. It’s heartbreaking. I’m sending lots of love to the most fashionable teen that ever lived, Lisa Turtle.

Caitlyn Jenner Accepts Arthur Ashe Award (2015 ESPY Awards)

I spent plenty of time talking about Caitlyn Jenner this week, so I will keep this brief. Jenner received the Arthur Ashe of Courage Award at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday night, which marked her first official appearance since her transition. The acceptance speech, which is touching and packed full of importance, is below. If you missed my post following the award ceremony on Wednesday, read Caitlyn Jenner: A Brave New Woman here and see my video “I Licked A Donut On Vacation” below, which also features a bit about Jenner.

Just For LOL’s

I Licked a Donut: I don’t know if it’s just the first week back from summer vacation blues, but I couldn’t find a thing to post for LOL’s. It’s probably why I led this week’s VOTW with Marina and the Diamonds
“Blue.” Perhaps I need to hit the pool and reinvigorate myself for the work weeks to follow. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen my post-vacation update on YouTube, watch it below. [Spolier Alert: I lick a donut ((three times)) before realizing that someone could have spit on it, much like Ariana Grande did. Yikes!]