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Back To Reality: How To Recover from Vacation

After a three week vacation, soaking up the Destin, Florida sun, eating fancy and delicious foods, drinking my weight in booze and enjoying summer festivities, I returned to work mode this week. Let me tell you, nothing smacks you in the face quite like getting “back to reality.” Well except perhaps those Housewives who literally smack each other in the face on their reality shows.

Waking up before 10 a.m., sweating through an hour of cardio at the gym and answering emails all day can really be a buzz kill. It’s a sad truth, but most of us cannot stay on a perma-vacation –unless you’re somehow a part of the Kardashian empire– and work must be attended to at some point. If you, like me, took a nice summer vacay and are dreading the return to work now or in the future, I’ve compiled a list of helpful tips on how to recover from vacation. I hope that my suggestions assist in your unfortunate return to reality.

How To Recover From Summer Vacation

1. Turn to the music: It’s inevitable that while I am on vacation, I end up listening to the same songs over and over. Usually some light, fun pop tunes that provide the perfect beach soundtrack (see my Summer Song Playlist here). Even though the vacation may be over, the music doesn’t have to stop. On your way to work, at the gym or while getting ready for your day, turn on the playlist and transport yourself back to vacation bliss.

2. Catch up with friends: When you’re not chained to your desk, catching up on the work that’s piled high since your departure, schedule time with your friends. Catching up with them over coffee, lunch or drinks allow you to reminisce about the ocean side days, plus you get the scoop on the latest gossip that you missed in your circle while you were away.

3. Focus on yourself: Chances are you’re body is in detox mode from the amount of booze you consumed on vacation (just me?), so you may need to hit the reset button on the mind and body.  Hitting the gym can help you burn those vacation calories, sweat out the toxins and help you focus on what needs to be done. Getting to bed early can also be a key to your successful return, since the days will feel much longer back at home.

4. Plan your next one: If the thought of being back to reality is just to much to bear, start planning your next trip. Put the dates on the calendar, request the time off work and start daydreaming about the next time you can ignore your calls and emails and relax on vacation. Is next weekend too soon? 

5. Don’t do it: Ignore 1-4 and just call your boss, quit your job and spend the rest of life ocean side with a margarita in hand.

Okay, so maybe that last one wasn’t the most helpful tip, but the others might ease your return from the summer’s fun festivities. I’m trying to convince myself they are, anyway.