Music Monday: Jocelyn Alice’s Playlist

Listen! It’s Vetrano artist-to-watch, Jocelyn Alice takes over my Spotify account to curate a list of songs that make this singer groove and move while she prepares the release of her debut EP. Stream her playlist below and read a bit about why she chose them. And then, when you’ve gotten through them all, hit that repeat button on her single “Jackpot,” which is out now!

LIV Presents… Jocelyn Alice’s Playlist

  1. Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out: This beat is so sick! I love how clever the lyrics are. It’s nice to see a song that really says something hitting so hard.
  2. Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good: Amy is the reason I began songwriting. Every time I hear anything from this album my heart stops. I’ve been praying that I’ll get to work with the producer, Mark Ronson one day.
  3. Miley Cyrus – My Darlin: I live for sloppy vocals. I think Miley is THE bad ass. I love how this song brought out some soulful reggae from her voice.
  4. Coldplay – Trouble: Chris Martin has to be one of my favourite songwriters of all time. His melodies and his voice are heaven. I listen to him when I feel sad and then I feel more sad and I kinda get off on that.
  5. Mother Mother – Monkey Tree: I’ve been working with Ryan Guldemond on my new EP and his brain is a baffling, complicated place. I love these kinds of people. This band is also one of my favourites to see live. So good.
  6. Bon Iver – Calgary: I will never forget seeing them live for the first time. Everyone was singing along to these incredibly high vocals, including the dudes in the room. It was so moving.
  7. EnVouge – Don’t Let Go (Love): I grew up wanting to be women like these. I feel like I could own the world when I listen to this song. I also love a good belt tune where you can barely hit all the notes and you don’t care.
  8. The Chainsmokers – Roses: This song!! I love what this group is doing right now. I’m going to be opening for them in Austin, TX for SXSW and you can imagine how excited I am. I have become a massive fan. I will try to play it cool but I’ll probably fan girl hard.
  9. LIGHTS – Heavy Rope (Acoustic Version): This chick is so in charge. She is a big reason I kept believing in myself as a songwriter and front person. I’ve been working with Tawgs, the guy that produced this song, and he is just a beast in the studio. It’s amazing to get to work with people that you’ve admired for years.
  10. Reuben and the Dark – Heart in Two: Reuben and I come from the same city. Seeing him grow and evolve as a performer and songwriter has been quite a treat. He’s so clever with his lyrics I want to punch him in the face. I hope to one day be able to write like he does. This song is so full of beautiful, heartbreaking imagery. My favourite.
  11. TLC – Creep: I grew up on these ladies. My best friend, Heather and I would dress up as them, (I was always Left Eye, obviously) and we would record on cassette tapes of us singing along to their music. I will never be anything but their biggest fan. This song is so sexy.
  12. Zayn – It’s You: My bass player, Lisa and I have not stopped listening to this song for 3 days. I am loving what Zayn is doing. There is so little to this song.. Drums, organ, vocals.. And that’s all it needs because it’s one of those songs that stands on it’s own as is. I am so grateful this was written.
  13. The Acid – Fame: These guys are the definition of subtle music. You could listen to this record 20 times and each time you would hear new things. I have practiced A LOT of yoga to this album.
  14. Missy Elliot – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly): When I’m about to go out and I don’t quite feel as powerful as I should I put on this song. It’s so chill and so dope and makes me feel like I run shit. Missy is the boss forever.
  15. Jocelyn Alice – Jackpot: What can I say about my own song? This song was a treat to write with Hello Moth. It changed my perspective on my own life and allowed me to once again realize that perspective is everything. One year after releasing this song I really am living my dream life. I’m feeling very lucky to have been in the room while this song came to life