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Shop: Parnassus Books

Am I the only who pictures something dusty and overcrowded with old, worn out books when I think of a local bookstore?! Well, you won’t find that at Parnassus Books, located in Nashville’s Green Hills area.

I was shopping for last minute holiday gifts when I stopped by this well-groomed shop with my friend. Well… maybe not stopped by so much as was dragged because let’s be real, reading gets in the way of my trashy, reality tv watching and I just can’t squeeze it in.

However, on the occasion that I do find myself hankering to pick up a book and flip through it (usually looking for the pictures), I could definitely find myself drifting to this local gem. With easy to find selections and a lot of local authors and autographed copies I was intrigued, and dare I say inspired, to start my personal book club?? Translation: I grab a book with a glass of wine and take 12-16 months to finish reading it. Wait…scratch that. Skip the book, just give me the bottle because a Housewife just flipped a table and I have to watch it on repeat.

Okay, so maybe I’m not the next to start Oprah’s Book Club, but if you might be then this precious Nashville shop is just for you! For all you readers – and if you’ve stayed around this long here, you must be – Parnassus Books is top notch and a can’t miss.