The Magnettes

Music Monday Playlist: The Magnettes

Listen! It’s Vetrano artist-to-watch, The Magnettes take over my Spotify account to curate a list of songs that inspire and move them (and me, too!). The girls, who have set out to “reclaim the word ugly” with their fresh Icona Pop-meets-Sleigh Bells sound, are currently promoting their latest single “Killers In A Ghost Town.” “Why does beautiful have to be the standard?,” they said, “we think speaking your mind and being weak, weird, sad, anything but perfect, and ultimately real is cool. We have no regrets.”

The video for The Magnettes new single, which debuted last month on, is “about being an outcast and an underdog,” the pair explains. [It’s] “about claiming your space and identity. About growing up as a goth or punk kid wanting to look like Robert Smith and everyone telling you to brush your hair out. But most of all, it’s about friendship.”

Listen to their picks for the top tracks of the summer in the playlist and find out why they have them playing on repeat below. When you finish listing to this pop-heavy playlist (the way to my heart), listen to The Magnettes new single here.

LIV PRESENTS… The Magnettes Playlist

1. Hands To Myself – Selena Gomez: We’re big Top 40 fans and this is, like, THE perfect pop song of 2016. It’s so fresh and neat and catchy and every last element is crucial and brilliant.

2. Daddy, Don’t Cry – Iris Julie: Iris Julie is Tomas’s sister’s modern-60’s girl-group-pop project and this single is really raw and cool. It’s naive and sweet and sounds very upbeat when it’s actually incredibly heartbreaking.

3. Yours To Keep (from Rock’N’Roll High School) – Teddybears: We love Teddybears, what they do as a band and what the members do separately. The way they blend their influences – electronic sounds, organic sounds, punk, hiphop, club music etc, – has been a huge inspiration for us. But we also love the vocals in this song. It sounds as if she’s mostly singing for herself, with no one listening and nothing to prove, and it’s just careless and effortless and amazing and fits the track so well.

4. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads: Grooves can be smooth and sensual, and that’s SO not the case here. It’s stiff and awkward and that’s one of the things we love about the Talking Heads. Most of the time, weird and eccentric is so much more interesting than sexy anyway. That being said, David Byrne was pretty hot in ”Stop Making Sense”.

5. Double Dare Ya – Bikini Kill: We’re living for Bikini Kill and other riot grrrl bands. They’ve inspired us so much to just take whatever the fuck we want and say whatever the fuck we want. And we love this song because we think this is an anthem for all riot grrrls out there!

6. Roman Holiday – Halsey: We have such a crush on Halsey! She’s super cool and she doesn’t even have to try, it’s just natural to her. We love how she described her album Bad Lands. That she had this whole idea about a post-apocalyptic world, that was a metaphor for her mental state.

7. Rookie – LCMDF: This song is BOMB! We’ve listened to this religiously. ”I’m so done with the metal-scene, I’m so done with the dudes who think they’re better than me.” describes the struggle of being a female artist. Cuz there will ALWAYS be dudes coming up to you and giving you tips and notes, we’re so DONE with that.

8. Nobody Cares – Léon: Love love love LÉON! This song is like what The Cardigans would sound like if they debuted in 2016. Her voice is amazing and you can’t help but dance to this track. It’s perfect for a late night at Erkheikkibacken.

9. Saturday Night Divas – Spice Girls: We were kids during the 90s, and Spice Girls were the superstars we wanted to be. We always played around pretending we were them. Sanna was Baby Spice and Rebecka was Posh Spice, and Tomas was probably Noel Gallagher (or something).

10. Returner – Pajala Truck Co.: Pajala Truck Co are our hometown heroes. When we were 13 years old they showed us that it was possible to be a pop band in Pajala. A town that where the music-scene was dominated by old dudes singing folksongs with accordions. They really inspired us and we have a lot to thank them for!

11. I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston: The 4-ever badass Whitney Houston. A hard working woman with one of the best voices in history. Trying to reach her pitch, we’ve all done that. We always sing this song when we’re drunk at a Karaoke Bar.

12. Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande: Ariana SLAYS everything and everyone. She’s just epic and “Dangerous Woman” is one of the strongest songs of 2016. As we said we listen to a lot of top 40 and Ariana will be in the TOP 4-EVER!

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