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Marry Date Kill (Feat. Bandit Heart)

In this week’s episode of the Listen! It’s Vetrano YouTube series, Troy Akers (aka Bandit Heart) stops by to play an updated version of the game Marry Date Kill. When random objects like a watermelon, a razor blade and apple pie turn up in the mix of celebrities, things get awkward. Watch the video above to see who stays and who… goes.

After you watch us play Marry Date Kill, you can check out my full interview with Bandit Heart, where he talks about his favorite spots in Nashville, the inspiration for his new music and his new single “Don’t Let Me Go,” which is on iTunes now. Plus, you can find more about Troy, his music projects and me in the links below. And don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube because there are new videos coming at you EVERY week!

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Last Week’s Video with Amanda Valentine: http://bit.ly/LIVorDIE

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Download “Don’t Let Me Go: http://apple.co/1KRHVcR
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