Feys Lift: No Tree? No Problem!

Ok so you’re probably going, “is this a Noxema commercial or what?”… but it’s actually my new column for Listen! It’s Vetrano, which you will have the pleasure of reading (or skipping) for the months… years… millennia to come.

So since we’re gonna be here together for a while, let’s get introductions out of the way. My name is Joe and I love design. I hope you do too, or at least will let me help – or force- you to every couple of weeks. I love a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, that brings me to my first topic: the Holidays (insert “ahhhhhs” or “ ughhhhhs” here). About a week ago, I was pacing around when I realized that I had filled the majority of my house with furnishings I cannot part with, rescue plants from my courtyard that I could not watch die over the winter and puppies. It was then that I accepted my sins. I had sinned to Santa. Because with the holiday fast approaching and my strategically placed winter chaos, there was no room for a tree.

So, Chris (you should know him by now) and I discussed my limited options for expressing Christmas cheer through traditional design and I found that there were plenty of ways to make my home Merry. We went to the attic and, after I checked for spiders, got the decorations from last year down, poured some bubbles and got to work. And just like that, my problem was solved.

Find yourself with the same space issue? Here are some easy steps to decorate your home for the Holidays without a Christmas Tree:


  1. Decorate architecture. Take your fancier ornaments and hang them on the molding of a threshold. Think of it as a more elaborate, colorful mistletoe.
  2. Take your favorite ornaments and arrange them in a bowl as a center piece for your table.
  3. Put white lights EVERYWHERE. Over curtain rods, mantles, bookcases… I mean, the possibilities are endless with this one. Who doesn’t want to see hundreds of twinkling lights when you walk into a softly lit room with the fire roaring in the background? (Epileptics need not apply)
  4. Get crazy with candy and cookies. Have them out on decorative platters or in festive crystal bowls for guests, and then invite me over.
  5. Find your focus. You don’t want Christmas to explode everywhere, you want to be selective over where these celebratory touches go. I have chosen my mantle. I’ve strung softly lit, white lights, a beautiful blue and silver jeweled garland, and a selection of glittery ornaments which compliment, not overwhelm. Find a place that’s central to a room, or catches your eye when you walk into a space, and focus on it.
  6. Don’t worry about where to put your presents. Find one or two spaces under a table, next to a couch, in a happy corner, or (in my case) on either side of my mantle, and stack those gifts high. Wrap beautifully and festively, maybe bringing the color scheme of the room into the wrapping paper or bows and ribbons.

And most of all, remember to invite me over. I like Pinot Grigio.

About Joe Feys
Joe Feys is one of Nashville’s most prominent new designers, leading one of the regions most versatile full service-design firms, Feys Design. He received his education at Parson’s School of Design in New York and Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) in Georgia, where he was a member of American Institute of Architects (AIA), American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

After grabbing first place honors at the Steelcase sponsored design competition for his redesign of the company’s Downtown Atlanta headquarters, Joe returned to his roots in Nashville, where he focuses on bringing his award-winning design aesthetic to Music City’s elite. His work has been featured to motivate aspiring designers and architects and his design was selected for Fletcher Martin’s remodel in 2008.

As a designer, Feys’ main focus is serving the customer. Joe works on projects of all sizes, from complete design services for multi-million dollar houses to simply helping clients choose the perfect environment for small budgets. In addition to residential, Feys Design takes on commercial projects. From office space furniture to creating a satisfying space for customers to enjoy, shop or eat, Feys can provide you with his unmatched eye for detail.

Design is not just a career for Joe – it’s a passion. He loves meeting interesting and eclectic people, and enjoys the variety of experiences a design career provides. Feys Design does more than interiors – they offer services such as space planning, designing for events, holidays and occasions, landscaping and interior architectural detailing.