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    11 Years Later

    As one chapter of life was coming to a close, I made a life-changing decision to pack up what I could and move from my hometown in Colorado to Nashville. I had no plan, no job, and no idea what I was doing. We had just wrapped the 10th Anniversary of The UMS, feeling both accomplished and exhausted. As we packed up what remained from that milestone, I packed up my car and what I could fit into my rented trailer and hit the road. 🛻 Little did I know then that I was embarking on an 11-year adventure that would change my life in so many meaningful ways. From…

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    Man Crush Monday: My Love Story

    V for Vetrano here with some not-so-breaking news. In one of my recent posts, I dropped a bomb about wedding planning which made some of you go “woah… wait!…what?!” Sorry about that. I realize my personal life has been pretty obsolete from the blog until now. But after years of blogging about music and entertainment, I’m finally ready to share my love story and a peek into my life outside of the Housewives, Taylors and Britneys. Starting with Joe, my forever Man Crush Monday. My Love Story For most of my early adult life, I was single. I didn’t really mind because I was focused on building a business and…

  • 5 Reasons I'm Over Summer

    5 Reasons I Am Over Summer

    It’s no secret if you know me, I don’t care much for summer. I know it’s a controversial statement and I’m likely in the minority, but I’m not a fan of sweating through every layer of clothing I own. Which probably explains my struggle with fitness. And more than that, I’ve somehow managed to be the only person in my large Italian family that can’t catch a tan. At least without burning to a crisp first. There’s nothing more I love to do on a hot summer day than sit inside and cuddle up to a movie on the couch. In fact, why even get out of bed at all?…

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    Fitness Check-In: Off The Wagon

    Hey all, it’s me again. V for Vetrano here to report on the fitness journey that you all joined me on a couple weeks ago, as I kicked off my commitment from #FatToFit. Thanks for the support btw! The first couple of weeks were good. I felt motivated, I showed up to Takes 2 Fitness regularly and even joined my friend Sara for a Sunday morning class (yes, I skipped brunch for bettering my body. What?!). Then something happened. Cafe Roze opened in my neighborhood, my best friend Cassadee Pope had a birthday and SHED Fitness kicked my ass. And just as fast as I was on the right track, I was…

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    20 Things Learned from My 20’s

    I haven’t been in my 20’s for a few years now. In fact, in November I’ll celebrate another year into my 30th decade of life. And while I am enjoying my 30’s and the new responsibility they bring, I spend a lot of my time these days mentoring fresh-faced 20 year-olds, who are looking for the “meaning of life.” I’m no expert –and certainly no life coach– but I enjoy helping others navigate those ten wild self-discovery years known as your 20’s. If for no other reason, to remind myself. Turning 30 was both terrifying and empowering. For me, the ten transitional years before were about figuring out what it…

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    The Beauty In Totality

    I admit it. I was wrong… in totality. When I posted yesterday about the solar eclipse, I said something ignorant and uninformed. To quote myself, “I personally don’t see the appeal [of the solar eclipse], but I am not a science nerd and never have been. Maybe I will feel differently today at approximately 1:27pm, but I’m always game for a good reason to party.” After seeing the solar eclipse in totality yesterday with a group of friends and loved ones, I can confidently say I’m changed. It was not just a “reason to party.” Although, there was plenty of that and it was a perfect reason to. The solar eclipse…

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    My Big Fat American… Body

    Hey, it’s me again. No, not the informative and often hilarious (no commentary please) blogger from Listen! It’s Vetrano. It’s the voice from 2015 that reminded myself –and urged my readers– to ditch the ‘Fat Jeans‘ and get back into shape. Remember that voice? I hear it often and loud enough, so I assume you hear it on your end, too. From that 2015 holiday binge to now (2017), I’ve managed –with the help of carb overloading, gallons of rosé and countless hours of sitting on my ass, watching Housewives bicker– to reach an all time high in weight. A whopping 229 lbs fat, which is about 50 lbs from…

  • Best of 2016

    Best & Worst of 2016

    2016 was a weird year. “Fake news” became a hot topic of debate. Technology took center stage. We said goodbye to some of the most influential characters of our time. And the Presidential race set new standards for America’s political process. I watched a moronic blowhard convince a portion of the country that he could lead them. No matter what side you voted for, this year’s race was hard to watch. Violence, racism, sexism and hatred played a part in the election more than in years past. We lost living legends who lit up our screens and stereos. Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, America’s “father figures” Alan Thicke and George Michael. And in a tragic series of events,…

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    It’s 2016, Don’t Give Up

    The start of 2016 has been such a whirlwind, so I apologize for the delayed holiday greetings! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season, shared with your friends and loved ones. I spent mine in Nashville, relaxing, reflecting and preparing for another year. In the final hours of 2015, a lot of very exciting and memorable life moments took place and set me up for, what I am sure is to be, the best year yet. It’s been a long time since I confidently felt that everything was coming into place. Now, I can. I am excited about the future for the first time in a long…

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    Best & Worst of 2015

    Another year has come and gone. I don’t know about you, but 2015 was a crazy year for V for Vetrano. I spent most of it enjoying Nashville’s blossoming metropolis, continuing my fight to find balance between professional and personal and adding new faces to the growing LIV community. I learned a lot about myself this year [cue Ozzy Osbourne‘s “Changes”]. I started new jobs and ended old ones. Made new friends, while saying goodbye to others. And made life changing decisions that impact my future. While most of 2015 left me unsettled, hopping from one thing to another, the year’s final hours have turned out to be the best few weeks of the entire year and have…

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    Take 5: V for Vetrano

    We all love to know what inspires our favorite stars or personalities and we want to know what – or who– is behind our favorite lyrics. But why is every interview so serious all the damn time? Take 5 is a regular feature on Listen! It’s Vetrano that gives readers insight into some of the lighter things in your favorites lives. And now Take 5 is a regular feature on the LIV YouTube channel every week. Learn more about your favorite celebrities, LIV contributors, artists and entrepreneurs, plus get ready to laugh when Chris Vetrano hits the streets of Nashville to Take 5 with Music City locals and visitors. Subscribe now, so you don’t miss one minute [click here to subscribe…