The Beauty In Totality

I admit it. I was wrong… in totality.

When I posted yesterday about the solar eclipse, I said something ignorant and uninformed. To quote myself, “I personally don’t see the appeal [of the solar eclipse], but I am not a science nerd and never have been. Maybe I will feel differently today at approximately 1:27pm, but I’m always game for a good reason to party.

After seeing the solar eclipse in totality yesterday with a group of friends and loved ones, I can confidently say I’m changed. It was not just a “reason to party.” Although, there was plenty of that and it was a perfect reason to. The solar eclipse was an emotional and spiritual refresh of the energy in the atmosphere. When our nation needs it most (the news is too painful to even watch or comment on anymore), we had an opportunity to reset. Reset expectations for the future. Reset our goals and intentions moving forward. Leaving the past in the past.

I was not expecting the emotional takeover that overcame us when the temperature dropped, the sky went black and a perfect rind of light covered the surface of the Earth. It was magic. It was humbling.

I hope you, too, were able to experience this once in a lifetime (for most of us) experience with those you love dearly.

I was wrong about the meaning and impact of the eclipse and I am so glad I was.

Photo Taken During Full Totality Yesterday

Chris Vetrano totality

Did you have an emotional experience during the solar eclipse yesterday? Were you able to see it in full totality? Share your experiences in the comments below.