21 Things I Want to Do in ’21

It’s 2021 and with Covid-19 almost behind us, here are 21 things I want to do now that the pandemic is over.

Listen, the pandemic was long! It’s not over, but we do finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as U.S. mask mandates are lifted and travel plans are a go. After more than a year in lockdown, I’m getting my second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine shot today. I can’t wait! I was fearful of what the rushed-to-market vaccine would do long-term and originally thought I’d be late to the vaccine game. I’ve never had a flu shot after all. But after a year of working from home without much human contact beyond my husband and “quaranteam,” a horrible case of the virus that landed me in the hospital, and way too many nights of eating delivery, I am ready to put this past 14 months behind me.

As I think about what I missed out on in 2020 and plan for what’s left in 2021, I have compiled a list of 21 (fittingly) things that I can’t wait to do when I drop my mask and get on with life beyond Covid-19.

21 Things I Want to do Now that the Pandemic is Over

  1. Hug my family and friends… and maybe a few random people because we can!
  2. Go to concerts and sing along even when I don’t know the lyrics.
  3. Travel on an airplane. After a year of postponed vacation plans, I can’t wait to fly the friendly skies once again. Already scheduled: Sonoma, Savannah, Memphis, Atlanta, and Denver.
  4. Attend 200 workout classes at Seven Minutes Fitness. That’s 75 more than I did in 2020 and 200 more than the year before that. ?
  5. Read at least one thing “off-screen” daily.
  6. Smile more because now people can see it.
  7. Brunch with a group of more than 6 friends.
  8. Go shopping and try on clothes before buying them.
  9. Wear said new clothes and stop wearing pants with a drawstring (bathing suits and couch clothes not included).
  10. Stop worrying about if (or where) people are wearing a mask.
  11. Go to a crowded bar and spill a drink on a stranger.
  12. Host a party with “Covid snacks” (read: apps such as dips, finger foods, etc.)
  13. Go to a festival without complaining about how many people are there.
  14. Eat inside restaurants without guilt.
  15. Meet a stranger and strike up a casual conversation that isn’t about the pandemic.
  16. Go places without checking their “Covid protocols”
  17. Relax more – life is good.
  18. Cough in public without fear of judgment.
  19. Enjoy everything!
  20. Make plans for 2022 without worrying about the cancellation policy.
  21. Not look back on the past. 2020 was rough and I do not want to relive one moment of it.
What are you most looking forward to doing now that the pandemic in the rearview mirror?