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Takes 2 Fitness: The Power Of 2


I did it! I successfully kicked-off my first week towards fitness with the help of Takes 2 Fitness in Nashville. When I decided it was time to get in shape, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy feat and I would need the support from my friends, family and access to a well-established, highly-rated Nashville gym. Lucky for me, Takes 2 Fitness has three convenient locations in the Nashville area, one being a few blocks from my office. Score! 

This week, I visited their Downtown location three different times. Each time, the gym was clean, easy to navigate and the staff there was friendly. And they validate parking in the underground garage. Did I mention this was DOWN-TOWN?! Double score!

Personal Training

As I watched the team of personal trainers work with their clients, I couldn’t help become envious of their progress and success as their own personal coach encouraged them through lunges, dead-lifts and squat jumps. It’s no wonder Takes 2 Fitness was build on the principle that when “pairing individuals in strength, spirit, and mind they are 80% more likely to reach their desired goals.”

Looking around at Takes 2 Fitness, it’s clear that they’re not jumping on the Hunger Games style fitness bandwagon. (Sorry Barry’s Bootcamp, but three major injuries from friends is enough to keep me from your “care.”) One-on-one attention is critical in training and muscle development. I assume that’s why, at Takes 2, their personal training offerings only allow for a maximum of three people per trainer.

I’m not totally ready to throw myself into the fitness guru category quite yet. Gimme time! However, I am looking forward to my next workout and even contemplating some of my very own personal training. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with someone that is paid to hold me accountable, right?!

Takes 2 also offers a few group training classes that I am hoping to try. Most interesting to me is their S3 session, which combines strength, spin and stairs together for one powerful workout. Most classes are currently only available at their West End location, so it’ll be a hike to get there. But given I stay on track with my fitness goals, I’ll be jogging there in no time. Okay, okay, maybe that’s a bit of a dramatic leap, but one can hope.

Takes 2 Fitness is giving ‘Listen! It’s Vetrano’ readers 1-week free access to any one of their three Nashville locations to try it out. Leave a comment below with ‘TAKES2FITNESS’ to receive your free pass. For more information about Takes 2 Fitness, visit their website at and sign up