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11 Years Later

As one chapter of life was coming to a close, I made a life-changing decision to pack up what I could and move from my hometown in Colorado to Nashville. I had no plan, no job, and no idea what I was doing. We had just wrapped the 10th Anniversary of The UMS, feeling both accomplished and exhausted. As we packed up what remained from that milestone, I packed up my car and what I could fit into my rented trailer and hit the road. ?

Little did I know then that I was embarking on an 11-year adventure that would change my life in so many meaningful ways. From working in the industry that I dreamed about as a young child to finding true love and building the family and foundation I had longed for most of my life. July 27, 2010, was the start of an incredible journey and the continuation of my story. ?

While my heart will be tied to my Denver-born roots, today belongs to Music City. The place I landed 11 years ago. ?

Though I don’t know where the next 11 may take me, I know now that the story continues and I’m ready for what’s next. ?