5 Reasons I'm Over Summer

5 Reasons I Am Over Summer

It’s no secret if you know me, I don’t care much for summer. I know it’s a controversial statement and I’m likely in the minority, but I’m not a fan of sweating through every layer of clothing I own. Which probably explains my struggle with fitness. And more than that, I’ve somehow managed to be the only person in my large Italian family that can’t catch a tan. At least without burning to a crisp first. There’s nothing more I love to do on a hot summer day than sit inside and cuddle up to a movie on the couch. In fact, why even get out of bed at all? Summer is just the worst. This year was particularly brutal, so September 22 (the first day of Fall) cannot come soon enough. Here’s the 5 reasons I am over summer.

5 Reasons I Am Over Summer

  1. The Heat. Sweat is gross. Sticky, wet bodies moving about life together is grosser. In Nashville, the heat can be brutal. Especially when you factor in humidity. “Oh great, now I can’t even breathe!” The only thing to do is sit in a pool until your hands start shriveling up like prunes. And once you’re out, the heat is there to ruin you all over again.
  2. The Bugs. For some reason, bugs –like cats– are attracted to me even though I want nothing to do with them. Mosquitos especially love the taste of every inch of my flesh. And flies. Don’t get me started! If the temperature drops ever so slightly that you want to grab your friends for some patio time, you can’t enjoy one meal without being infested with those flying pests. Don’t those things have manners?!
  3. The Clothes. As a guy, summer style is incredibly limited. Do you go with the shorts or the other shorts? And when going somewhere where showing off your hairy, white legs in shorts might be deemed inappropriate, you’re stuck sweating it out in your denim. At least the ladies can rock a summer skirt or dress that allows for what little breeze exists in summer to keep them cool… and dry.
  4. The Shedding. I know not everyone will relate to this one, but dog lovers unite. Hotter temperatures mean dog fur. Everywhere. It’s on your couch, on the floors. It’s flying through the air as you’re trying to take your one last air-conditioned breath before heading outdoors. No wonder allergies are so bad in the summer. Achu!
  5. The Holidays. While there are a few long weekends over the summer, I think most people would agree the holidays at the end of the year are way better. Do you get to dress up on Memorial Day? No. Gifts on Labor Day? I think not.
Do you hate summer too? Share your reasons for the dreadful season in the comments below. Brownie points is you share your favorite thing about Fall!

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Chris Vetrano

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