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Q&A: Nash Overstreet

All week Listen! It’s Vetrano has brought you Cassadee Pope related content to celebrate the release of her new single “I Am Invincible,” which was officially released on Apple Music this morning. Today, I’m sharing my interview with the song’s co-writer Nash Overstreet

Overstreet is no stranger to hit music. His band Hot Chelle Rae won the American Music Award for Best New Artist in 2011, had a string of hits including their single “Tonight Tonight” and toured around the globe with Demi Loavto, Taylor Swift and more. Now working on his own solo music and celebrating the inevitable success of Pope’s “I Am Invincible,” Nash is ready for another round in the spotlight. 

Q&A with Nash Overstreet

Chris Vetrano: You recently released a solo song to your SoundCloud called “No Money.” Is this the first song from a new solo project? 

Nash Overstreet: Yes, in a way. I’ve been working on music my whole life, and have been working(I use the word loosely) on my solo project for the last 10 years or so.  It’s taken a lot of time learning and growing to finally get to where I am now. No Money is the first piece that I’m showing people, that I believe fully represents me as an artist, and not another song that I’ve written.
Chris: The song has a heavy hip-hop influence. Is this a new direction for you? Or just an experiment for this track?
Nash: I’ve always been very influenced by hip-hop. I’m not sure why, coming from a COUNTRY musical family, but it’s always connected. I want the music to be painfully, and playfully real. If I want to sing a little more gritty on a track, or rap a verse… I’m just being true to whatever person I’m in the mood to be. At least in that minute.
Chris: The song’s lyrics seem like they could be a fairly personal, where did the inspiration come from for the track?
Nash: Absolutely personal. I took care not to bullshit anyone who’s listening. Nothing gets to me more than hearing an artist sing or talk about something you KNOW they haven’t done or won’t do. I see this cycle happen constantly in culture, and it’s been an issue plenty of times in my life. A girl is attracted to a guy, for plenty of reasons, but a big part of that is his work ethic/drive/success. If I date you, and I throw away part of all that to be with you more… I’m also throwing away some of why you were attracted to me. So No Money isn’t about a gold digger. It’s simply a question, “if I don’t be me, if I don’t go do my job to provide for the life we enjoy, would I even be someone you wanna hang out with?”
Chris: You’ve toured the world in Hot Chelle Rae, had your songs on radio and recorded in the best studios in the world. What do you prefer: writing, recording or performing? And why?
Nash: I love it ALL. I have been a little burnt out on all of them, and been craving them like they’re crack the next week. For me, it’s about what I NEED to do. If I tour for a year straight, I crave creating new material. I miss walking out of the studio every day with something that didn’t exist that morning.  I have GOT to record/write/produce.
If I’m able to work in the studio every day, l don’t find that I’m gonna die if I can’t go play live. I love it, but I can stay sane without it.
Chris: Who was your favorite artist to tour with and why? What’s your favorite memory from that tour?
Nash: Hands down, Taylor Swift. Apart from the amazing show she puts on, and the massive arenas I was blessed enough to walk out into every night(in Australia) for a month of her tour; it was the family vibe that I loved the most. A lot of times everyone goes their own way after the show, or artists hang out with their own people/crew etc. With Taylor, all doors were open, and we all were constantly hanging out, and developing these incredible friendships.
Chris: You co-wrote “I Am Invincible,” the new single from Cassadee Pope [out today!]. What’s the story behind that song?
Nash: For “I Am Invincible,” we really wanted to write something healing, uplifting, and empowering. I’ve written funny songs, I’ve written love songs, but the most incredible feeling comes from a fan coming up, with a story of how your song saved them. No matter how big their demon was, if I can be any part of changing a life…. That’s what this is all about. It’s that type of lyric that ends up being the one tattoo’d on people in your handwriting. That stuff still floors me in the best way.
Chris: How do you think Cassadee did with it?
Nash: She’s SO good. I’m so excited for everyone to hear how much passion she put into this record.
Chris: What makes you feel invincible?
Nash: Nothing, almost. I’m always feeling like I’m just shy of invincible.  Like I could mess it all up in a moment.  But what gives me the power and feeling of being invincible, is thinking of giving up. When I even imagine quitting what I love, I know that I can’t. Ever. It’s then that I feel determined, and resolute, and invincible. Nothing will stop me.
Chris: Nashville is home base for you and your family. What are some of your favorite places to hang out in Music City when you’re home?
Nash: I honestly have not spent the time in Nashville recently to be very up on the best spots. That being said, Whiskey Kitchen has always been one of my favorites. Red Door, if you like a good low key hang, and smelling a little bit like an ashtray.
The best thing about Nashville, for me at least, is that I can show up wherever whenever… And I’ll either have a friend at the place, or be able to make one.
Chris: What songs and/or artists are you currently listening to for inspiration?
Nash: It’s hard to say. Whatever is hot. Whatever comes out and makes you “WTF!” the moment it starts til it ends. Kanye West, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Jon Bellion, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Miley. I love honest, loud but real lyrics, and rhythmically, the way all of those artists deliver their songs, is captivating.
Chris: What’s next for Nash? What can fans look forward to from you?
Nash: I’ve got SO much going on at the moment. It’s a blessing that I can barely get my own head around it. The Cassaddee Pope single “I Am Invincible” of course. I just shot a video for a new song that I wrote and feature on with Iyaz, called “Alive”. I’ve got another feature coming out very soon with Tydi called “Tear Me Up”. People are loving “No Money” on soundcloud, and I’m wrapping up some more records of my own soon to share with the world. It’s a good year.