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Iceland: What To Do In That Other Nordic Nation

North of the UK and West of Norway is the nation of Iceland. They are Nordic people so they have a history linked to the Scandinavian parts of Europe. A country of just around 334,000 people, it’s not that well-known. Well, the things that are well-known about it are its wildlife and the geological wonders it has. It’s a landscape of geysers and hot springs that shoot up hot water sometimes over a hundred feet into the air. There are waterfalls surrounded by luscious green foliage. And as you look outward toward the coasts you can see huge icebergs floating around. The sea animals that find Iceland as a safe haven are used to people, so many scientists will travel to study them. The food is hearty to fill you up with energy just to brave the cold.

The earth is alive

Iceland is one of the few nations in the world to be incredibly blessed with geological marvels. Once such marvel is the ‘Pingvellir’ pronounced ‘thing-vellir’. It’s a national park that used to have the nation’s parliament in it for around 800 years. It also has a rift showing between two tectonic plates which can be seen from various angles that look down into the valley. There have been hills and cliffs created from constant movement of the plates. As well as giant fissures that go deep down into the earth. One of them is called the Almannagja fault which actually has a waking and running road built near it. It’s part of the southern region so it’s not so cold here allowing freshwater streams to run down the various rock formations.

Spot the largest

If you come to Iceland you cannot avoid staring at the wildlife. There are so many creatures on land and in the sea that make this beautiful nation their home. They live beside locals and tourists without any fuss. One of the best ways to spend an afternoon is going to one of the coasts where the walruses tend to sleep and socialize. Some of the adult walruses can get up to 1000 kg. The Arctic Bestiary has a guide of all the various animals that are in Iceland and when you learn more about them you can understand their relation and relevance to the location of the country. Not to mention, there are snowy owls that patrol inland, and these can be spotted when bird watching in the fields and atop the hills.

Filling up

Of course you can have burgers and pizza on Iceland, but why would you when there is fresh seafood? One such restaurant that you need to visit is Messinn. It’s traditional Icelandic seafood as well as some common Nordic dishes. Try their Atlantic Wolffish which is served with mushrooms, bell peppers, grapes, cream cheese and with a splash of white wine and fresh cream.

Iceland is mysterious to many people. It’s a small country but has a lot to see and do. One thing that will leave an impression on you about the country, is how alive the earth is. Go whale watching or lookout for an arctic fox prancing around during your stay. End each night with some classic seafood Nordic-style.