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20 Things Learned from My 20’s

I haven’t been in my 20’s for a few years now. In fact, in November I’ll celebrate another year into my 30th decade of life. And while I am enjoying my 30’s and the new responsibility they bring, I spend a lot of my time these days mentoring fresh-faced 20 year-olds, who are looking for the “meaning of life.” I’m no expert –and certainly no life coach– but I enjoy helping others navigate those ten wild self-discovery years known as your 20’s. If for no other reason, to remind myself.

Turning 30 was both terrifying and empowering. For me, the ten transitional years before were about figuring out what it was I wanted out of life and accepting myself for who I am. For others, they’re a non-stop thrill ride of freedom. Whether settling into life as a responsible adult, or taking on the chaos of a world without fear, here’s a few things to remember before you leave your 20’s behind you.

20 Things I Learned from My 20’s

  1. You will make mistakes. Allow yourself to, but learn something from them.
  2. Don’t grow up too fast — trust the process. Life goes by faster as you get older.
  3. You get to choose your friends. Find your squad and foster them with all your being.
  4. You can grow out of people, too. Say goodbye to friends that aren’t worth your time. Friendships become about quality, not quantity (see #3).
  5. Be honest with yourself. Don’t waste time being someone you’re not.
  6. Be honest with others — even if it means you can’t please everyone.
  7. Your first job won’t be glamorous, but work hard and be patient because opportunity is around the corner. For now, do what you need to do to pay the bills.
  8. When you can save a little money, do it. You’ll need it someday.
  9. Living on a budget is normal — everyone has to do it.
  10. If there’s something you don’t like about yourself, you can change it.
  11. Learn to laugh at yourself and surround yourself with people that will laugh along with you.
  12. Buy, don’t lease. Accumulating assets early will pay off (literally) in the long run.
  13. Splurge on good quality clothes, mattresses and pillows — it will save you money (and you’ll look and feel better) in the long run.
  14. Stay healthy and spend time on your mind and body. It gets harder as you get older.
  15. Meet new people and go on a lot of dates. It makes life more fun — and gives you reasons to gab with your tribe over brunch.
  16. Ask a lot of questions. It shows that you’re paying attention.
  17. Haters are gonna hate. Let them.
  18. Don’t be scared to ask for what you want. You just might get it!
  19. Your 20’s are about finding yourself, discovering your talents, and learning to love the f*ck out of who you are… because yes, you really are that awesome!
  20. Your 30’s are going to be way better than your 20’s. Trust me.