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    Man Crush Monday: My Love Story

    V for Vetrano here with some not-so-breaking news. In one of my recent posts, I dropped a bomb about wedding planning which made some of you go “woah… wait!…what?!” Sorry about that. I realize my personal life has been pretty obsolete from the blog until now. But after years of blogging about music and entertainment, I’m finally ready to share my love story and a peek into my life outside of the Housewives, Taylors and Britneys. Starting with Joe, my forever Man Crush Monday. My Love Story For most of my early adult life, I was single. I didn’t really mind because I was focused on building a business and…

  • 5 Reasons I'm Over Summer

    5 Reasons I Am Over Summer

    It’s no secret if you know me, I don’t care much for summer. I know it’s a controversial statement and I’m likely in the minority, but I’m not a fan of sweating through every layer of clothing I own. Which probably explains my struggle with fitness. And more than that, I’ve somehow managed to be the only person in my large Italian family that can’t catch a tan. At least without burning to a crisp first. There’s nothing more I love to do on a hot summer day than sit inside and cuddle up to a movie on the couch. In fact, why even get out of bed at all?…

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    20 Things Learned from My 20’s

    I haven’t been in my 20’s for a few years now. In fact, in November I’ll celebrate another year into my 30th decade of life. And while I am enjoying my 30’s and the new responsibility they bring, I spend a lot of my time these days mentoring fresh-faced 20 year-olds, who are looking for the “meaning of life.” I’m no expert –and certainly no life coach– but I enjoy helping others navigate those ten wild self-discovery years known as your 20’s. If for no other reason, to remind myself. Turning 30 was both terrifying and empowering. For me, the ten transitional years before were about figuring out what it…

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    The Beauty In Totality

    I admit it. I was wrong… in totality. When I posted yesterday about the solar eclipse, I said something ignorant and uninformed. To quote myself, “I personally don’t see the appeal [of the solar eclipse], but I am not a science nerd and never have been. Maybe I will feel differently today at approximately 1:27pm, but I’m always game for a good reason to party.” After seeing the solar eclipse in totality yesterday with a group of friends and loved ones, I can confidently say I’m changed. It was not just a “reason to party.” Although, there was plenty of that and it was a perfect reason to. The solar eclipse…

  • Nashville Solar Eclipse

    Solar Eclipse of the Heart

    For weeks, you couldn’t turn on the news or go out in public without hearing about the solar eclipse. The whole city of Nashville has gone eclipse crazy. Eyewear (fake and protective) is selling out across the nation and people are flocking to Music City to see this once in a lifetime experience. I personally don’t see the appeal, but I am not a science nerd and never have been. Maybe I will feel differently today at approximately 1:27pm, but I’m always game for a good reason to party. And lucky for me, the solar eclipse has give Nashville a reason. If you’re in Music City for the big event…

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    It’s 2016, Don’t Give Up

    The start of 2016 has been such a whirlwind, so I apologize for the delayed holiday greetings! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season, shared with your friends and loved ones. I spent mine in Nashville, relaxing, reflecting and preparing for another year. In the final hours of 2015, a lot of very exciting and memorable life moments took place and set me up for, what I am sure is to be, the best year yet. It’s been a long time since I confidently felt that everything was coming into place. Now, I can. I am excited about the future for the first time in a long…

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    Turn Back Time

    Hey guys, gals and undecideds, V for Vetrano here on the first day of November! If you’re like most of the population, you probably “whooped it up” last night for Halloween and might be praying for the pounding in your head to stop. And if the night’s scares didn’t end until the wee-hours of the morning, you may not even be reading this until tomorrow (or next week, for that matter). Me, on the other hand? I stayed in. With a busy Sunday Funday ahead to celebrate my birthday, I opted to skip the costumes and candy this year. Part of me loved the alone time to catch up on…

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    Rise & Grindr: Sickly Domesticated

    Nickname: The OG (Olympic Gymnast) Date: Third-ish How We Met: Ok Cupid! Rating: 8/10 When I left The OG a couple of days ago, I was flying high after a lovely, domesticated day of shopping and errands that ended with a kiss. An awkward kiss, but a kiss nevertheless. I waited a couple of days before agreeing to make plans again with the cutie, so as to not seem totally desperate and alone. My disastrous date with “Shark Week” was reignited when the fish-loving-lunatic texted me for a 2:30a.m. booty call early in the week. Pass. The unwanted, and ignored, request for sex made me realize that I was copping some serious feelings for the…

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    #AskAmanda: Suspicious Minds & Loving Yourself

    Hello internet! My name is Amanda Valentine. I’m a fashion designer, wardrobe stylist and amateur astrologist. For as long as I can remember, I have also been a giver of advice. When I was in elementary school, I stood by a specific tree during recess and would dole out my view on pressing preadolescent issues: boys, fashion, what to get for lunch, who knows… (what were our problems back then?!). People knew where to find me each day and I reveled in providing a logical impartial view. I’m also a classic Gemini, which means I always see both sides to an issue and I love to communicate. From that tree at recess to the…

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    Rise & Grindr: Going For Gold

    Nickname: The OG (Olympic Gymnast) Date: First & Second How We Met: Ok Cupid! Rating: 8/10 With a few dates under my belt (so to speak), I was starting to get into the groove of my new sexual identity. After my night with Bonjangles, my date with Shark Week and the emotional roller coaster “Joe” took me on, I was completely exhausted. But I had agreed to meet a cute gymnast from Ok! Cupid who I’d struck up conversation with the night before. My wallet was feeling the sting of the dates prior in the week and I really didn’t want to invest too much money, or time for that matter, into…

  • Hashtag Blessed

    Hashtag Blessed

    Hey guys, gals and undecideds! It’s me, V for Vetrano. I can’t believe all that’s happened since my last check in with y’all (I’m so Nashville, right?!). I hope you’ve been enjoying the new content coming atcha regularly on the site. I’ve been a busy worker bee getting the new Listen! It’s Vetrano launched these past few months: new videos, new blogs, new contributing writers and even more fun things in the works (yes, it’s possible) … stay tuned! In our first official month, we’ve already seen more than 10,000 sets of new eyeballs from all over the U.S. stop by to see what’s cooking on the site. I can’t believe it! I’m…