The Best Friend Challenge (feat. Joe Feys)

This week’s all new episode of ‘Listen! It’s Vetrano‘ features Nashville interior designer and ‘LIV‘ columnist Joe Feys. Joe breaks down all things beautiful, including design tips, Nashville’s best food options and great — and healthy– recipes, in his monthly column for the site, ‘Feys Lift‘. Check out Joe’s picks for best dining ambiance in Music City here and check back next week for some healthy alternatives for summer eating.

In this week’s episode of V for Vetrano’s web series, the two test their knowledge of one another in the popular YouTube game, the Best Friend Challenge. See how well Feys and Vetrano actually know one another and learn more about the duo in the video above. And don’t forget to subscribe for more weekly videos on the channel, and give this week’s video a BIG thumbs up on YouTube to let us know you watched!

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