5 Cheap Date Ideas

I get it — after a long week of deadlines, stress, and working hard for the money, spending time with your partner or friends feels long overdue. While dinner and drinks is a popular and easy solution to the weekday blues, it’s also the most expensive. Your relationships don’t cost a thing, so neither should your time spent on them. So ditch the “tradish” and check out these cheap date ideas that will keep your relationships as rock-solid as your bank account.

Cheap Date Ideas

1. Become a tourist and explore your city

Although you’re familiar with your surroundings, it’s surprising what you can find when you see your hometown in the eyes of a tourist. Rent bikes or walk around a neighborhood that both of you call home. In fact, both of you getting on your bikes can be the perfect way to get fit and healthy, which many couples now do instead of having dinner! Just make sure you stay safe and if you plan on long mountain rides after exploring your hometown, a kit like full face mountain bike helmets and gloves are essential! Bottom line: slow down and explore or if you want to challenge yourself, make sure you both enjoy the pace.

2. Attend a local event

No matter what city, there’s usually something going on over the weekend that you can participate in — whether it’s a free concert outside or a pop-up art show. Do your research and get out of your comfort zone with someone you’re the most comfortable with. You may find out there’s more to your city than you thought.

3. Volunteer at your favorite charity

Volunteering is good for your heart, your community, and your relationship. From helping at local animal shelters to feeding the homeless, you’ll go in with an open mind and leave with a humbled heart. Find something that speaks to both of you and sign up for an opportunity.

4. Check out your local museum

For anyone looking to feel cultured while saving the money to do so, a trip to your museum is a great option. In order to take full advantage, research what days and museums offer discounted, or even free, admission.

5. Cook dinner together

Why go out to eat when you can eat in the privacy of your own home? Research new recipes, or share some of your family’s favorites. Open a bottle of wine, put on some dinner jams and prepare for a night of good food and great company. Cooking together can be quite intimate and is often more fun than sitting at a restaurant.

Do you have great cheap date ideas? Share them in the comments below and let’s get the conversation started! And shout out to Sara Kauss Photography for the pic!