From a young age Chris Vetrano was raised as a connoisseur of music, incorporating every sound, note and beat deep into his life. It was clear to everyone that knew him that Chris' destiny was and would always be somewhere in the music industry. When Chris is not working with artists and lifestyle brands or planning high-profile events, he spends his time sharing his favorite new music, food and lifestyle discoveries on his successful blog and web series, Listen! It's Vetrano, which has been recognized by some of music's top performers, including Justin Timberlake, Matt Morris, Neon Trees and Cassadee Pope.

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    Improve Your Favorite Cocktails With These Awesome Tips

    If you want to really wow your guests at your next dinner party, you might think that you need to go all out with the food you serve. That’s not always the right strategy, though. In fact, you might find that you can impress a whole lot more with the drinks. After all, who doesn’t love a classic cocktail with dinner?! However, if you don’t make your cocktails quite right, they might fall flat and your guests could be left disappointed. Thankfully, though, if you follow these next few handy tips, you can guarantee that your cocktail shaking will always go down well! Know Your Lingo First of all, you…

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    A New Year a New You; Planning for the Year Ahead

    The year ahead is one that promises to bring exciting things, and though we still have a few months of 2018 remaining, it’s still possible to plan for 2019 now. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind, and you need to know what to expect from a new year. There are a lot of things you have to get right if you want to make sure you set yourself up to have a productive and successful year. A new year bring new perspectives, and it is important to look at how your life can change and progress for the better. This involves getting proactive…

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    Gift Ideas That Any Guy Would Love

    For us guys, gifting is often a struggle. We might be the same gender as our fathers, brothers, cousins, partners, and friends. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve nailed how to shop for other guys. We might know what we love to receive, but that doesn’t mean that we know how to purchase the perfect gifts for the other guys in our lives. Whether you’re choosing a birthday gift, a Christmas treat, or a little pick-me-up for a friend, partner or family member, it’s not always easy to find that perfect item. Gift buying isn’t an easy task – the issue is a combination of the fact that there’s a…

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    The Seemingly Impossible Question: Can You Lose Weight Quickly AND Healthily?

    We all wish we could take a magic pill to lose weight, but we know, deep down, it’s not that simple. When we have pressure upon us to lose weight, the temptation can be to go down the very unhealthy route, are there any ways for us to lose weight quickly and healthily? The Science Of Weight Loss We equate fat with weight gain when it’s our body storing excess sugars and carbohydrates, not “fat”! So when we are looking to lose weight, the trick is to cut down on carbohydrates. This is why the ketogenic diet is so popular, where you eat substantial amounts of fat, and keep carbs…

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    Fashion Friday: Daniel Levy For Nordstrom

    It’s here — the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! To help launch the campaign, the premier retailer enlisted help from actor Daniel Levy to launch a new campaign celebrating its biggest event of the season. Starting July 20th and running until August 5, 2018, the Anniversary Sale will include the best brands in fashion at the lowest prices of the year. The hilarious [and cute] Schitt’s Creek actor is seen wearing the must-have menswear pieces included in the sale. In the campaign, Daniel wears brands Topman, Levi’s, and 1901. And yep, I need it all. If you’re not watching Schitt’s Creek, you should be. It has quickly become one of my favorite shows, depicting characters…

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    Don’t Make Health a Hassle: Three Easy Food Swaps That Anyone Can Make

    Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be about chugging shots of wheatgrass every morning, buying expensive superfoods that you can’t pronounce or eating kale at every meal. There’s plenty you can do to keep it simple. In most cases, you can make healthy swaps which require no effort whatsoever. If you want to eat a healthier diet without any added hassle, here are some super simple food swaps you can make. Switch to whole grain products Instead of buying white bread, pasta or rice, buy whole grain instead. Look for wholegrain cereals too. These products have more vitamins and fiber since the wheat…

  • Top Honeymoon Destinations, Cambodia

    2018’s Top Honeymoon Destinations

    You announce to your friends and family that you’re getting married and the next question asked, beyond the initial details of the day, is always “where’s the honeymoon?.” honeymoon destinations  For Joe and I, we traded jetting off to a tropical week-long getaway for some time relaxing in our new home and wrapping up quality time with family that extended their trips to explore Nashville. Whether staycationing or flying to the most exclusive destinations around the globe, your honeymoon is the time to escape from everyone and spend time with your spouse to celebrate. It’s about you. And if you’re going to do it, do it big. From scouring some…

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    Man Crush Monday: My Husband

    Well, it’s official, y’all. I am a married man. And now Joe is my forever man crush Monday. [Let’s pop some bubbs!?] Late last year, I broke the news that I was engaged to my longtime partner in crime. Since then I’ve filled the pages of Listen! It’s Vetrano with wedding tips–mostly as a reminder for me. But for those in who have found your ride-or-die, I appreciate you coming along the journey with Joe and I as we approached our big day. On May 19, 2018, Joe and I shared vows and “I dos” on a rooftop in Nashville, overlooking the downtown skyline with our family and close friends. Forever we…

  • 5 Things To Discuss Before Marriage

    5 Things Couples Must Discuss Before Marriage

    It’s almost here! Discuss Before Marriage My wedding day is just three days from today and it got me thinking, “have Joe and I had all the discussions we need to before we make the biggest decision of our lives?” It’s easy to get caught up dreaming about dancefloor playlists, tasting cakes, and the food. Food is important. But there are important –not necessarily as fun– things to discuss before marriage. So, if you too are about to take the exciting walk down the aisle, I’ve compiled a list of some topics that you should grab a bottle of wine, two glasses and cover before you say “I do.” 5 Things…

  • 2018 Movies To Watch - Love, Simon

    Movies To Watch Right Now

    You should know that I don’t claim to be a movie buff nor do I have any credentials that rival the Siskels or the Eberts of the world. But I do know what I like. And though I would normally rather binge a Housewives marathon, preparing for the wedding–shedding weight and saving dollars–has inspired me to dive into my growing list of movies to watch. The backlog of movies I’ve missed while following the deep seeded love/hate relationships of the Kims, Nenes, Tamaras and Vickis is large. There are some serious classics that I’ve never had the pleasure of watching. But that mountain felt too large to tackle pre-wedding. So I started…

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    Carry-On Travel Essentials

    Though my folding skills are aces, I’ve never considered myself a truly masterful packer. I’m more of an over-packer if anything. Cramming as many clothes, accessories, and toiletries into one bag the night before a trip, only to realize I didn’t bring anything I would actually wear once I get to my final destination. And my carry-on bag? Forget about it. Jam-packed with books, music, extra layers, electronic devices… most of which I will never use. So in an effort to create a routine around packing for my travels, I’ve whittled down a list of travel essentials to ensure I only leave home with what I need. When it comes to…