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Q&A: Jocelyn Alice

A few weeks ago, LIV Artist To Watch Jocelyn Alice shared her go-to music picks in a special Music Monday playlist. The singer, who’s debut single “Jackpot,” is already certified Gold in Canada, and has more than 1.3 million Spotify streams, stopped by to talk about her upcoming music, her inspiration and what she’d be doing if music wasn’t in her life.

Read my full interview with her below and then listen to “Jackpot,” out now!

Q&A: Jocelyn Alice

Chris Vetrano: Tell us about you. Your music, the inspiration you pull from when performing. Who is Jocelyn Alice?

Jocelyn Alice: Such a good question!! I hope that Jocelyn Alice is always here to help people. I believe that I’m carrying a message that songwriting allows me to communicate. Singing is my vehicle, but songwriting is my engine, my heart.. It’s who I am. Writing is really hard sometimes. It’s a constant struggle to let go of your ego and be willing to look at yourself and situations in new ways. It’s always worth it as long as I remember why I do it. If I can help to heal one person then I have done my job. Performing is a totally different beast than writing. The stage is the safest place I’ve ever been. I tend to be a pretty nervous person, except when I’m performing. I take it very seriously, but also just try to have fun. I also love that I have a place where I allow myself to feel whatever I’m feeling. I like to get as close to tears as I can when I sing ballads. I believe in the power of being what you are, especially if it’s broken.

Chris: Your debut single “Jackpot,” available now, is gaining momentum on the charts. What’s the story behind the song?

JA: I usually don’t know what I’m feeling about something until I write about it. Obviously it’s about some dude that wasn’t treating me as well as I deserve, a big lesson I am still learning. But this song taught me a lot about owning my own perspective and knowing that it’s up to me to define my dream life and then have the courage to work to get there. Every time I sing it I’m reminded how powerful I am. It always feels so good.

Chris: What’s your favorite app and how do you use it in your daily life?

JA: Ok.. So. My label told me I had to join Snapchat and I was so annoyed that I was being told what to do. Haha. And then I finally figured it out and I AM IN LOVE. My favourite part about it is being able to stay in touch with my 5 siblings while I am on the road. It’s such an intimate app if you let it be. I love that.

Chris: If you weren’t a singer/ performer, what would you be doing?

JA: Oh gosh.. I would hope that I would still view life as an entertainer. I think there are so many opportunities to dazzle people and I live for those moments. But at the end of the day, I am a writer. I would implode if I didn’t know right. If I wasn’t writing songs I would probably write a column in a magazine or newspaper. That’s still a big dream of mine. I also want to write a biographical book one day. And host a podcast. I have so many dreams!

Chris: Do you prefer to sing and record in the studio or play live in front of fans?

JA: I always say that I don’t want to do one without the other. I am a very extreme personality. Part of me is so outgoing and the other is very introverted. I love that my “job” allows both of those sides of me to thrive. Being in the studio is a very intimate, quiet, and introspective process for me. The stage is not. I love that I get both.

Chris: What are you most excited about this year?

JA: TRAVEL!!! America! I had the fortune of travelling through most of Canada last year. I’m really excited about getting to discover a new country filled with new people. I’m also soooooo pumped to release my EP in the spring. It is evolving into something darker and more soulful than I was expecting, and I am feeling so proud of the work that me and the producers have done. I can’t wait to show you. 🙂