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Pop Star Dagny Talks Spice Girls, Katy Perry, and New Mini Album “Elle”

Up and coming Norwegian pop artist Dagny recently sat down with The Gist podcast host Chris Vetrano for an illuminating interview on his biweekly pop culture show. As Chris’s most listened to artist on Spotify last year, Dagny has clearly been making an impression with her infectious melodies and lyrics. During their conversation, Dagny opened up about her unconventional introduction to pop music and some high-profile collaborations.

Discovering Her Love for Pop with the Spice Girls

Unlike many pop artists, Dagny did not grow up in a household filled with chart-topping hits. In fact, she shared that her first real introduction to pop came from listening to the Spice Girls in the 1990s. Enamored with their style and songs, Dagny said the Spice Girls served as her gateway into loving the pop genre. Both she and Chris, bonded over a shared early admiration for the five British pop stars. They reminisced over favorite Spice Girls’ tracks, with Dagny connecting most to Mel B’s persona during her youth and Chris offering to be the honorary Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) in her group of friends.

Dagny Collaborations with Astrid S, Kygo, and Katy Perry

The interview also shed light on some of Dagny’s high-profile past collaborations with other artists. She spoke enthusiastically about teaming up with Norwegian singer Astrid S on the single “Pretty” in 2019. Dagny also co-wrote the song “Lonely Together” featuring Kygo that same year. Most surprisingly, Dagny opened up about her experience writing “Never Really Over” for pop mega star Katy Perry. She humbly explained the process of being contacted by Perry’s team early on and receiving acknowledgment for inspiring elements of the track from her own hit song “Love You Like That.”

New Mini Album “Elle”

Much of the conversation also centered around Dagny’s latest musical project – a mini album titled “Elle.” According to the singer-songwriter, this compilation of songs captures the emotional chaos she experienced over the past year. She intentionally released the album in smaller batches, planning to focus more intensely on writing during quarantine. Dagny shared details about the forthcoming pieces of the project, which will ultimately include two additional mini albums.

For fans of Dagny eagerly awaiting new music, this interview provided heartening insight directly from the source. Her unfiltered discussion about everything from her start with the Spice Girls to writing for Katy Perry reveals an artist on the verge of major stardom. As she continues crafting catchy, personal pop tunes, Dagny only promises even greater things ahead. Clearly, Chris’s early fandom has paid off.

Listen to the full interview with Dagny now on Apple Music or anywhere that you get your podcasts.