Joe Feys is one of Nashville’s most prominent new designers, leading one of the regions most versatile full service-design firms, Feys Design. After studying at the country's top design schools, Joe returned to his roots in Music City, where he focuses on bringing his award-winning design aesthetic to the city's elite. Joe works on projects of all sizes, from complete design services for multi-million dollar houses to simply helping clients choose the perfect environment for small budgets. Feys Design does more than interiors – they offer services such as space planning, designing for events, holidays and occasions, landscaping and interior architectural detailing.

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    Feys The Music: Eh, It’s Fall. Fine.

    Joe Feys is Nashville designer and Listen! It’s Vetrano contributor, regularly writing his column ‘Feys Lift.’ This week, Feys steps into the driver seat of ‘LIV’ regular series Music Monday to share some of his favorite songs of the moment.  As the playlist title not-so-subtly suggests, I’ve finally accepted the change in seasons. With the fall and winter months ahead, I have compiled some of the songs that are helping ease the pain of the colder temps. From the upbeat new single from Justin Bieber to my favorite new track from Carrie Underwood‘s latest Storyteller, this playlist has something for all. I am sharing my latest obsession Foxes and a oldie, but goodie with an…

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    Music Monday: Feys the Music Summer Jams

    Joe Feys is Nashville designer and Listen! It’s Vetrano contributor, regularly writing his column ‘Feys Lift.’ This week Feys steps into the driver seat of ‘LIV’ regular series Music Monday to share his favorite summer music.  Summertime is important, especially for music. So when Chris asked me to guest blog for this week’s Music Monday, I wanted to pick a list of tunes, both new and old, to ensure you have all the right notes for the next few months. Whether at the pool, on the couch with the puppies, at the Galleria with the most popular boy you met at summer camp, or in the car with the windows down, you…

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    Feys Lift: Starch Smartch

    Dieting is probably the worst possible necessity of the season, but I have finally come to terms with it. Well… not all of it, but most of it. There are certain things we can all cut out of our daily meals and snacks and not miss at all. Especially when there’s some easy to prepare starch alternatives that are easy on the hips and don’t sacrifice the flavor. Here are three that I have created to mimic some of our favorite treats and will leave you saying “Ohmigah.” Baked Kale chips are better than potato chips. Seriously Cut your kale into bite-sized pieces and evenly cover in olive oil or vegetable oil. Salt…

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    Feys Lift: Tasteful Spaces

    It’s 6 o’clock. I’m hungry, I’m antsy and I’m trying to figure out if my new bright blue Cole Haan shoes are too loud for my outfit. I need to choose from the many Nashville restaurants a place to eat dinner, finding somwhere that will satisfy both my appetite and my requirement for good lighting. With a glass of wine in hand and Uber on their way, I make a decision and give Bugsy a kiss goodnight. How did I come about my decision you may be wondering. I believe that pairing great food with inspirational design can make magic, which is more difficult than you might expect. Often times…

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    Feys Lift: No Tree? No Problem!

    Ok so you’re probably going, “is this a Noxema commercial or what?”… but it’s actually my new column for Listen! It’s Vetrano, which you will have the pleasure of reading (or skipping) for the months… years… millennia to come. So since we’re gonna be here together for a while, let’s get introductions out of the way. My name is Joe and I love design. I hope you do too, or at least will let me help – or force- you to every couple of weeks. I love a challenge. Speaking of challenges, that brings me to my first topic: the Holidays (insert “ahhhhhs” or “ ughhhhhs” here). About a week…