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Music Monday: Ultimate Cassadee Pope Collection 

Last week, Listen! It’s Vetrano launched the new Music Monday feature on the blog, which gives me a chance to share my favorite tunes and collections of music with my readers. Last Monday’s playlist included my picks for the hottest songs of the summer [listen to that here]. This week, to celebrate the release of Cassadee Pope‘s new single “I Am Invincible,” I’ve compiled the ultimate collection of Cassadee Pope music — that every fan should have on repeat all week long, until the release of her new song.

That’s not all though. As most of you know, Cassadee is one of my dearest friends and so that’s why she’s taking over Listen! It’s Vetrano this week! All week long, there will be new content that helps launch the highly awaited new single. A song that I already can’t get out of my head and will certainly be adding it to the top of this playlist. But, until its release on Friday, listen to the best of Cassadee Pope music in the playlist below.

The Ultimate Cassadee Pope Music Collection

1. Wasting All These Tears [Frame By Frame]
2. I Wish I Could Break Your Heart  [Frame By Frame]
3. I Told You So [Cassadee Pope EP]
4. Not Over You [The Voice, Season 3]
5. How You Love Me Now [Hey Monday, Hold On Tight]
6. Cinematic  [Frame By Frame] – bonus track, not included below
7. Payphone [The Voice, Season 3]
8. Easier To Lie  [Frame By Frame]
9. Over You [The Voice, Season 3]
10. Candles [Hey Monday, Hold On Tight]
11. Edge of a Thunderstorm  [Frame By Frame] – bonus track, not included below
12. Secondhand [Cassadee Pope EP]
13. Are You Happy Now? [The Voice, Season 3]
14. Homecoming [Hey Monday, Hold On Tight]
15. Hangover [Hey Monday, Beneath It All]
16. Stupid Boy [The Voice, Season 3]

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