Music Monday: Feys the Music Summer Jams

Joe Feys is Nashville designer and Listen! It’s Vetrano contributor, regularly writing his column ‘Feys Lift.’ This week Feys steps into the driver seat of ‘LIV’ regular series Music Monday to share his favorite summer music. 

Summertime is important, especially for music. So when Chris asked me to guest blog for this week’s Music Monday, I wanted to pick a list of tunes, both new and old, to ensure you have all the right notes for the next few months. Whether at the pool, on the couch with the puppies, at the Galleria with the most popular boy you met at summer camp, or in the car with the windows down, you will find that these infectious tunes will soon become anthems of your own.

From the pure pop bliss of Icona Pop’s “All Night,” to the sugary sweet sass of “Sell Me Candy” by Rihanna, you’re going to hope summer never ends with my ‘Feys the Music: Summer Jams’ playlist.  Mariah Carey brings us back, swooning in a roller coaster with the classic “Fantasy,” that will have you searching for those cutoff jean shorts and calling your friends with the drop top Hummers to relive a time when Mariah was at her best. Demi Lovato ignites a new fire with her soonto-be classic “Cool for the Summer.” Thank you Max Martin for helping her with this tune, as well as several others on this list.

I’ve sequenced these songs to first get you going with Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera and Pitbull, then I slow down with some Tinashe and Ariana Grande.  Next, it’s time to slap yo’ ass with a lil’ Ciara and Madonna moment and then end it on a nice, breezy note with Marina and the Diamonds and ABBA. So stream [and follow] the playlist below at your own risk or you might just end up “Walking on Air” if Roxette doesn’t get you “faded” first.

Feys the Music: Summer Jams