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    Feys Lift: Tasteful Spaces

    It’s 6 o’clock. I’m hungry, I’m antsy and I’m trying to figure out if my new bright blue Cole Haan shoes are too loud for my outfit. I need to choose from the many Nashville restaurants a place to eat dinner, finding somwhere that will satisfy both my appetite and my requirement for good lighting. With a glass of wine in hand and Uber on their way, I make a decision and give Bugsy a kiss goodnight. How did I come about my decision you may be wondering. I believe that pairing great food with inspirational design can make magic, which is more difficult than you might expect. Often times…

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    Introducing: Joe Feys

    Today marks the launch of a new chapter of the Listen! It’s Vetrano brand. Over the next few months, I’ll be rolling out some exciting new features, content pieces and platforms to deliver you more V for Vetrano than ever. And I am thrilled to kick things off with the announcement and addition of contributing writers, who will be introduced over the next few weeks and will round out the LIV content. First up, Joe Feys, who will be charming readers with his hilarious and educational take on design, architecture, food and beauty regularly in his column “Feys Lift.” Besides being one of my favorite people to talk about music and food with, Joe Feys is one of Nashville’s most prominent…

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    Feys Lift: No Tree? No Problem!

    Ok so you’re probably going, “is this a Noxema commercial or what?”… but it’s actually my new column for Listen! It’s Vetrano, which you will have the pleasure of reading (or skipping) for the months… years… millennia to come. So since we’re gonna be here together for a while, let’s get introductions out of the way. My name is Joe and I love design. I hope you do too, or at least will let me help – or force- you to every couple of weeks. I love a challenge. Speaking of challenges, that brings me to my first topic: the Holidays (insert “ahhhhhs” or “ ughhhhhs” here). About a week…