The Hills_Vanderpump Rules

The Hills Are Alive With Vanderpump Rules

Fans of the early 2000’s series The Hills often feel misty when they think of the days long before Housewives were flipping tables and Bad Girls were tearing out weaves, back when Lauren Conrad (known then only as LC) was just a girl with a dream discovering Los Angeles on her own. Well, along with her sassy and well-dressed friends always in tow to bring the drama.

When the show said its final farewell, many tried to fill the void that the larger than life cast of characters left behind. Who would be America’s sweetheart with tears as black as night? And who would be the sassy neighbor, always looking for love in all the wrong places? Questions many shows tried to answer with groups of zanny kids, but failed to relate to the masses. That is until a the British matriarch from Beverly Hills’ cast of Real Housewives entered the picture. Lisa Vanderpump and her cast of misfit “SURvers” at her West Hollywood restaurant have finally filled that void in Bravo‘s newest hit Vanderpump Rules, which documents the sex, backstabbing, lies and love of LA servers. So, how does the new cast compare to the ones who paved the way? I’ve put together an easy to follow chart for fans of either series to decide who’s who in The Hills vs. Vanderpump Rules. [Interesting Fact: Most of the VR cast made cameos in the MTV series long before their 15 minutes of fame.]

The Hills vs. Vanderpump Rules

Lisa_Vanderpump_Lauren_Conrad HBIC[Head Bitch In Charge]: LC (Lauren Conrad) vs. Lisa

Heidi Montag_Stassi Schroeder
Drama Queens we Love to Hate: Heidi vs. Stassi

Spencer Pratt_Jax Taylor
The Jackass (or Jaxass): Spencer vs. Jax

Audrina_Scheana Marie
The Brunette Bimbo:
Audrina vs. Scheana

Stephanie Pratt_Kristen Doute
The Addict: Stephanie (went to rehab) vs. Kristen (needs rehab)

Jen bunny_Tom Sandoval
The Dumb One: Jen Bunny vs. Tom Sandoval

Whitney Port_Ariana
The Cool Chick: Whitney vs. Ariana

Justin Bobby_James
The Boyfriend with Musical Aspirations: Justin Bobby vs. James

Brody Jenner_Tom Schwartz
The Good-Looking One: Brody vs. Schwartz

Kristin Cavallari_Katie Jacobs
Most Likely To Start A Fight: Kristin vs. Katie

The Sidekick: Lo vs. Pandora

You can catch all new episodes of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ every Monday night on Bravo! and check MTV for reruns of ‘The Hills’ or buy ‘The Best of The Hills’ on iTunes here