Anna M'Queen is the fiery frontwoman of the electronic-pop act Five Knives. M'Queen's style pushes the limits both on and off the stage and her bold personality takes center stage in her Listen! It's Vetrano column 'All Hail M'Queen'. Bow dow, bitches!

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    All Hail M’Queen: Girl On The Road

    Hey babes and lovers! It’s your girl, Anna M’Queen back for another installment of All Hail M’Queen, my monthly column for Listen! It’s Vetrano. Being in bands most of my life, I get questions all the time about what life is like as “the girl on the road,” especially with a group of guys. So, let me break it down. Being a girl on the road, there are several dilemmas that I face. They’re not necessarily about being a girl, but more about being the frontwoman of a traveling band. When it comes to packing, this can be one of the most stressful and tedious things I go through before hitting the…

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    All Hail M’Queen: Fashion Edition

    Hey babes and lovers! My name is Anna M’Queen, lead singer of the pop/electronic group Five Knives. Welcome to “All Hail M’Queen,” an invitation into my mind, experiences, opinions, and sense of all things varsity. “Varsity?,” you ask. Believe me, as you continue to follow my new column on Listen! It’s Vetrano, you’ll catch on to all things M’Queen eventually. To kickoff this journey, I’m talking fashion. Specifically my fashion. When it comes to my personal style I love to create a look of stylish effortlessness that pushes limits. That’s varsity! For a street look, I usually stick with black and white, and an occasional splash of color. A classic Kate Moss/Ramones look is a timeless style that…