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Summer Style Essentials


Every guy has been there. You start flipping through an old issue of GQ magazine that’s been sitting on your desk for months and, “Eureka!,” you have a fashion revelation. Immediately, you run to your closet and start layering your looks to create the perfect ensemble to bring you from drab to fab. Day-after-day, you get more daring with your looks and then something terrible happens. Summer starts. 

Each summer, I weep my most fashionable tears, as I move my lightweight jackets and high-top sneakers to the back of the closet. There they sit to collect dust through the three-plus months of the Nashville heatwave. I’ll be honest, the summer is tough for me (especially when I’m lacking well-fitted clothes). “Do I risk comfort over style?” I ponder each morning. Typically for me, the answer is yes. Don’t let that stop you from being caught on the street in your fiercest summer look that makes both guys and girls swoon.

Men’s Summer Style Commandments

  1. Be bold with swimwear: Guys don’t get the option to let loose with colors and patters in their everyday wear. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy when heading to the beach or pool.
  2. Shades are cool: The right pair of frames can set you apart from everyone else. Be sure they shape your face appropriately and have just the right amount of tint that leave people wanting more!
  3. Just breathe: Linen shirts are not just for Dad’s anymore. The perfect linen shirt (lightweight button-down) is comfortable and casual, making for the best lunch companion.
  4. Show some skin: Ankle skin, that is. Ditch the socks (and dear God, no flip-flops) for a canvas sneaker or boat shoe to create the most stylish look for your feet.
  5. Go light on the suits: If you must wear a suit in the heat of summer for work or a wedding, opt for a summer-weight wool, cotton or linen, to avoid ending up like a sweaty mess.
  6. No guns allowed: The beach, pool or gym are the only acceptable public place for a tank top (say no to the gun show). Instead, try a fitted tee to show us what you’re made of this summer.
  7. Shorts should fit: A fitted, flat-front short should be your best friend this summer. In every color. Wear them above the knee and double fold the leg to stylize the look.
  8. Pull out the polo: A well-structured, good fitting polo is essential for summer. Upgrade it from pique to cotton for a winning combination of comfort and appearance.
  9. Top off your look: Hats work better than sunscreen and will be your best friend for summer festivals, beach bumming and patio brunches.
  10. A summer scent: Polish off your look with the perfect fragrance. Something light, fresh and clean will make you look, smell and feel like you just spent the weekend in the Hamptons.
  11. Rock the facial hair: Beards can make you look more rugged and turn up the style factor, and they can be fun to grow and style. So why not use a beard roller to get the most out of your facial hair? Just be sure to always keep it tidy. You don’t want to look like a cave dweller.