What Does Proprietary Blend Mean?

Supplements are a big issue in the USA, with statistics from the American Osteopathic Association survey in 2019 revealing that 86% of American take and use them. Supplement use is on the rise, something which could correlate with the rise in the focus on fitness and health. Supplements are most often used by athletes, particularly those considered “elite athletes”, and the military. A proprietary blend is a name which is given to ingredients that are included in a product but the difference between this and normal product labelling is that proprietary blends don’t give all the info on how much of each ingredient is included. This lack of transparency can mean that you don’t know what you are consuming or each ingredient.

While not disclosing the exact ingredients in a proprietary blend is a loophole in the law, it is not illegal. As long as the manufacturer lists the ingredients in order of the weight that is included, they are not required to list the specific amounts. This could not be completely safe and could lead to customers being misinformed about what element of the product is actually making an impact on them.

Infographic design by: Military Muscle Co what does a proprietary blend mean?