3 Awesome Adrenaline Junkie Activities To Try

If you like getting your kicks from doing adventurous, wild, and fun activities that get your heart pumping and your adrenaline coursing through your body, you are probably in need of a new outlet. Spontaneity at the moment is nigh on impossible as the global coronavirus pandemic has taken hold. 

Travel opportunities are limited and you can’t simply take part in a helicopter ride across the Grand Canyon on a whim. While 2020 may be winding down, you need to begin planning for your next hair raising adventure in 2021. Take a look at these awesome adrenaline junkie activities to try next year.

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Bungee Jumping

If you love the thought of flying headfirst through the air with nothing but a long, thick piece of elastic tethering you to a building or bridge by your feet, why not consider a bungee jump? Not for the faint-hearted or for those terrified of heights, this incredible thrilling activity is a feast for the senses. Look for a reputable provider of bungee jumps led by great instructors with full safety gear. Many of these companies have set outdoor venues where they conduct their jumps, from bridges to waterfalls, and from ledges to iconic buildings. By calculating your weight and adding in a spot of physics, you can ensure that you fly through the air, receiving the rush you seek, and bouncing back up through the sky as you take in the scenery around you. A real adrenaline-inducing thrill ride.

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If you enjoy skiing and going off-piste sounds like a walk in the park, why not consider the thrills of snowboarding in more rugged terrain. Going off-piste and away from the touristy resorts can lead to better powder that has been unexplored by most folk. If you are venturing out into the snow for a full day, ensure that you have the best hydration pack for snowboarding to keep you alert, hydrated, and safe. Always go with a professional guide and stay aware of avalanche warnings. When ready embark on your journey down the mountain on your snowboard. Some of the best routes can be found in Europe and Canada, with Whistler being particularly renowned for its high speeds when snowboarding off-piste.

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Sky Diving

If the thought of jumping out of a plane has always given you that healthy mix of nervous butterflies and excited sleepless nights, why not give it a try? Tandem jumping is incredibly safe and gives you peace of mind that you will be sky diving with an expert. You will receive training beforehand to teach you body positions and the journey through the air after you jump from ten thousand feet. The free sky diving aspect of the trip can be the most invigorating coursing through the sky at over a hundred miles an hour. Once these thrills have passed and the parachute is out, you can enjoy taking in the beauty of the planet as you slowly and gently descend back to Earth.

Seeking thrills through exciting activities is not everyone’s idea of fun. However, if you like to make your heartbeat a little fast, try out some of these awesome adrenaline junkie activities.