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Carry-On Travel Essentials

Though my folding skills are aces, I’ve never considered myself a truly masterful packer. I’m more of an over-packer if anything. Cramming as many clothes, accessories, and toiletries into one bag the night before a trip, only to realize I didn’t bring anything I would actually wear once I get to my final destination. And my carry-on bag? Forget about it. Jam-packed with books, music, extra layers, electronic devices… most of which I will never use. So in an effort to create a routine around packing for my travels, I’ve whittled down a list of travel essentials to ensure I only leave home with what I need.

When it comes to my carry-on items, I’ve pared down to the essentials. Along with my laptop, iPhone (which doubles as an iPod) and my keys, I can’t travel without:

  • Coach Overnight Travel Kit: I personally love the signature camo-coated canvas bag to hold all my travel essentials
  • Warby Parker sunglasses: you can’t beat the affordable price and quality for prescription shades, plus each pair comes with a hardshell case that’s great for traveling    
  • Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones: comfortable and wireless is easy to navigate and keeps your bag more organized (score!) 
  • Small pouch: great for Q-tips, coins, and needed medication (ZZZquil for those long flights, amirite?) 
  • Apple Watch: keeps you on time and connected, while counting those steps through the airport (close those rings!) 
  • Altoids: you never know when you’ll need fresh breath
  • A travel sized cologne: the easiest way to freshen up after your flight 
  • A book or magazinecurrently reading ‘Call Me By Your Name: A Novel‘ by André Aciman
  • Hand Lotion: traveling can dry out your skin, which can be a real bummer when you get to your destination and put out your dry, cracked hands to fist bump your Lyft driver on the way to your hotel. 

And that’s it! My carry-on travel essentials. No more jam-packed backpacks and overstuffed laptop cases. This list is everything I will ever need, and use, on my travels.

What do you pack when you travel? What are your travel essentials? Share in the comments below.