Tips On Having A Professional Wardrobe For Work

With some jobs, a certain professional look is needed and required. Whether this for a corporate or creative office, here are some tips on having a professional wardrobe for work.

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Keep Shirts In Place

Wearing a shirt can sometimes cause a few problems especially when you’re on the move. A shirt can very easily look out of sorts and in terms of keeping everything looking crisp and clean, shirt stays are a good little investment to have for your wardrobe. Shirt stays are essentially what they say they are, they keep a shirt in place and are usually attached in a garter style or can attach to your socks. These are used all over different industries where presentation is key. An untucked shirt can look sloppy, so these are definitely a worthy purchase.

Use Shoe Polish

For those of you who own a decent pair of leather shoes or a type of material like faux leather, it’s good to buy some shoe polish to keep your shoes buffed up and looking shiny. Presentation is important right down to the footwear, so shoe polish is great for keeping your shoes buffed and shiny. It’s also good for covering up scratch marks or general wear and tear to a material. It’ll help give your shoes more life for longer.

Get Your Jackets Tailored

There’s nothing more professional than having a jacket that fits like a glove. So whenever you buy a new suit jacket, make sure to get it tailored. You don’t need to go overboard with the cost of the jacket either, and you can, therefore, make an inexpensive jacket look like a million dollars by getting it tailored to fit your body. You can do the same for your trousers too.

Know What Colors Work For You

We all suit things differently, and the same can be said for clothing. Everyone has a favorite color that they love or prefer to wear, and you should think about this when it comes to the colors you wear to work. You want to keep these colors fairly neutral, but you can also experiment with a little bit of color perhaps in the tie or pocket square you pick. Your socks are also a piece of clothing that you can go a little crazy with on patterns or colors.

Add A Bit Of Your Personality

Wearing what everyone else wears is boring, and you want to inject a bit of personality into your look. So, a good way of doing this is to think about what you love. It might be a certain style of tie or shirt. It might be some very quirky footwear or wearing a brooch. Whatever you do, add some personality into your wardrobe, so that you stand out in a good way.

A professional wardrobe is critical to being taken seriously in your role and for also creating a good impression with fellow colleagues and anyone you do business with. So remember to get your jackets tailored and think about the colors that work for you!