Top Christmas Movies To Watch This Year

If there’s one good thing that most of us can agree on about the colder winter months it’s that the conditions outside give us the perfect excuse to grab our favorite blanket and have a cozy day or night watching movies on the couch whilst sipping a nice hot drink.

Even if you’re not overly fond of the Christmas season as a whole, this is definitely one aspect most of us enjoy from time to time, and Christmas movies do have a special kind of magical feeling about them, so to help you plan out any duvet days you may be thinking about this year, then in this post we’re sharing the top Christmas movies that you should watch this winter – you never know, they may even help you get in the Christmas spirit.

Although many of these movies are available on streaming services such as Netflix, and the availability will depend on your location when using Netflix, you can have a look online for a VPN for Netflix that actually works to help you watch the movies you really want to watch regardless of where you are in the world if you’re traveling over the Christmas period.

The Holiday Calendar

This modern-day Christmas romance story focuses on a magical advent calendar that’s gifted and brings true love with it. Although it’s a romantic movie, it’s something that older children will enjoy, too – so it’s great for the family to watch together.

Christmas Crush

In this holiday tale, a woman visits her high school reunion with the hope of reconnecting and getting back with a boyfriend from her past but soon realizes that there was someone else even better for her. A simple, good-vibe movie that most age groups will love to watch this Christmas.

Holiday Breakup

Breakups are never fun, but there’s something especially horrible about the ones that happen just before Christmas, so in this story, a couple who have decided to part ways, but want to keep it a secret from their families until after Christmas find themselves facing more challenges than they bargained for and may just discover that honesty is the best policy.

A Christmas Prince

A young and ambitious journalist who is keen to move up the career ladder accepts an assignment to cover a story on a foreign royal family and ends up finding herself right in the middle of a fairytale.

Love Actually

This is probably one of the most famous and loved Christmas movies of the last 20 years. Featuring some of the biggest British stars, such as Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, and Liam Neeson. This movie follows the lives of very different people who are somehow all connected to each other and shares their stories over the holiday period. The moral of the story with this movie is that love is actually all that matters when all is said and done,and that it comes in many different forms.

Holiday Classics

This is one for the younger viewers and is a great Christmas-themed movie featuring all of their favorite characters from the loveable Shrek to the cheeky penguins of Madagascar.