Never Be Too Busy For These Important Aspects Of Your Life

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Are you as busy as a bee? If so, be mindful. There can be a sting in the tale if you’re always busy, and you might regret your busyness later in life.

That doesn’t mean you should be lazy or slovenly, of course. But if you’re forever running around from meeting to meeting, and if you are sacrificing important things because you’re always so busy, you might want to get a little perspective. What important things are we talking about? Well, the following are a few notable examples.

#1: Your parents

If the only communication your parents have with you is through your answering phone, you might want to make more time for them. You see, time is limited, and there will be a time when they are no longer around to be with you. You might start to regret your busy lifestyle when you no longer have the opportunity to hear their voices or see their faces. It’s probably something you don’t want to contemplate, but it is better you think about them now, rather than regret your busyness at a later date when you’re planning a funeral and browsing urns for cremation ashes online. 

So pick up the phone when they call and have a conversation with them. Visit them when you are able to do so, and try to enjoy each moment in their company. Create memories that are happy and meaningful, as these will be better than the bitter regrets you might otherwise have to face if you never spend time with them.

#2: Your health

The lifespan of your parents won’t be the only thing you will have to worry about if you’re always busy. If you don’t take the time to exercise, your health will suffer, and you might scupper your long-term chances of a good life. Being too busy can directly damage your health too, as you might be more prone to stress, fatigue, and anxiety if you don’t slow down, and that won’t serve you well. 

So, take time out to concentrate on your health. Cut down your schedule so you can exercise more. And spend more time resting, especially if you are currently feeling exhausted, as your busyness will be forcibly be curtailed if you’re forever buzzing around.

#3: Your hopes and dreams

We all have hopes and dreams. Some of us want to be rock stars, movie stars, and financially healthy. Some of us want to start a small business, change careers, and have the means to retire early. And some of us want to find love, raise families, and enjoy a lifetime of domestic bliss. But here’s the thing. Some of us never achieve our dreams. Why? Well, occasionally they may be out of the realms of possibility. We are unlikely to become rock stars if we don’t have musical bones in our bodies (not a medical term). And we don’t achieve our dreams because we are too busy to work for them. We don’t stop to plan ahead, as we are too busy on the hamster wheel of life. We don’t take the relevant courses to improve our career chances because our schedules are too fully packed. And in our busyness, we run ourselves into the ground, and we don’t achieve our dreams because we are too ill to do so. 

So, think about your hopes and dreams. How near are you to achieving them? If you’re still some way off, perhaps today is the day you make time in your schedule to give you a chance to work towards them. 

#4: Your friends

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If you’re lucky enough to have friends in your life, do your very best to keep them. This means doing more than writing them the occasional message on Facebook or waving to them when you pass them in the street. To maintain your friendships, you should pick up the phone and have a good chat with them once in a while. You should say ‘yes’ more times than you say ‘no’ when they invite you to a social event. And you should make the effort to visit them (when the world is safe for you to do so), as they might value your company. 

So, if you have been out of contact with your friends because of your busyness, take heed. You will only grow distant from them if you don’t give them your time, so consider your schedule. What can you cut down to give you more time for your friends? It’s worth thinking about, as we all need friends in our lives, for support, conversation, and fun.

#5: Your partner

As with our friendships, the relationships we have with our partners can start to grow cold if we don’t make the effort to spend time with them. The problem is compounded if they live a busy lifestyle too. It’s little wonder that many relationships start to fray at the edges, as without that quality time together, there will be nothing to bond the participants together. 

So, think about your partner. Have things become a little frosty between you? Have arguments been left unresolved because of busyness? Do you feel as close as you once did? If you suspect something is wrong within your relationship, now is the time to patch things together. Take time to be with one another. Reconnect with date nights, cuddles on the sofa, and passionate nights in bed. Resolve any differences by talking things through. And together, resolve to make time for each other by eliminating any unnecessary hurdles that may have gotten in the way. 

So, busy bee, stop flapping your wings! The busier you are, the more your relationships will suffer, and your chances of a happy life might be affected too. Take a pause and reflect on all the things that are important in your life. And then take time to focus on them, perhaps by eliminating anything in your busy schedule that shouldn’t be prioritized. By concentrating on the important things now, you will live a life with fewer regrets.