Self-care Essentials of 2020

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Let’s be real: summer feels a tad bit different this year. Smaller gatherings. Social distancing. Travel plans put on hold. Shows and concerts canceled. The reality of summer 2020 is that it isn’t like past summers, although it’s just as hot and buggy.  Without the regular outings to look forward to though, it can be easy to feel a little like giving up on things like working out, dressing nicely, or caring much about your appearance. After all, besides family, who else is going to notice if you suddenly decide to grow a mullet

Here’s the thing though: when you put time and energy into looking your best, you also begin feeling and doing your best. While summer feels different (and frankly is different this year) it doesn’t mean you need to forget important aspects of self-care. Let’s check out some of the self-care essentials of summer 2020. 

  • From soft henley tees to multiple sportswear collections, the absolutely beautiful and high-quality vintage reproduction of Merz B. Schwanen are a thing to be coveted. Instead of feeling like you need to get dressed up, you can stay casual and comfy but also rock clothing that has high craftsmanship.
  • If you’re not sure where to begin on self-care, try this self-care bucket list put together by Uncommon Goods. There are several categories to choose from, and as you transition through them, you can file them from “to do” to “done.” Self-care never felt so productive.
  • Are you working from home, staring at a computer screen for eight-plus hours a day? Cool off those strained eyes with these funky cooling eye orbits. Made entirely of stone, there’s nothing irritating about these, and you can pop them into the fridge, then at the end of your workday place them over your eyes to cool them.
  • Summer might feel canceled, but guess what’s not? Swimming! If your self-care means luxuriating in the shade on a warm day after taking a dip in a pool or swimming hole, check out these beach towels by Laguna Beach Textile Company.  The blue and white stripes will make you think you’re relaxing under a cabana on a vacation, even if you haven’t traveled far from home. Win-win.
  • Not all self-care essentials are things to purchase. Consider checking out these podcasts to decompress:
    • Happier with Gretchen Rubin. This podcast delves in to the reasoning behind why we pursue self-care. 
    • The Art of Charm is a great podcast if you’re looking to improve your self-confidence and strengthen your relationships. 
    • Wonderful! This podcast, hosted by a wife-and-husband duo, focuses on researching niche ideas that they find wonderful. It’s definitely a mood-booster.

While self-care can essentially be whatever you make of it – a dance session in the middle of the day, listening to your favorite podcast while making dinner, or taking a drive on a Sunday afternoon, try to find self-care that adds quality to your own life this summer. The key to self-care is to prioritize yourself during those moments to improve your daily life. It doesn’t need to feel selfish since by improving yourself, you’re also likelier to put effort into your relationships.