Couples That Gym Together, Stay Together

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It might be one of those highly annoying social media cliches, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s true. Now is the time to respect and embrace it.

Working out with your S.O. has many benefits. While it’s hardly a date night, any time spent together is a good thing, especially when you can still maintain some personal space. Crucially, it avoids a situation in which couples drift apart in personal perspectives, as well as appearances.

If you are planning to hit the gym together, though, you need to do it in style. These tips should help you find a formula for success.

#1. Remember Individual Aims

Hitting the gym as a couple can work wonders for your relationship. However, you must not overlook the fact that you are there to achieve personal goals.

As such, it’s important to use your time effectively. You can still focus on the same muscle groups as each other during sessions. Nonetheless, workouts for women and workouts for men should differ. Likewise, you may have contrasting focal points, such as losing weight or building mass.

When you each achieve your goals, your increased happiness will mean that your joint gym membership can be considered a success.

#2. Support, Don’t Criticize

Most couples find that one person is a long way ahead of their partner in terms of knowledge and experience. This can either be your greatest ally or your worst enemy.

If you are the naturally more educated fitness person, you must ensure that you use the right tone of voice. Meanwhile, any demonstrations should be slow and focus on the positives that your partner is already showing. From there, they will be more likely to take on the suggestions for improved form.

Conversely, if you’re receiving tips, remember that she’s saying it because she cares.

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#3. Incorporate A Little Sport

Cardio workouts and weight training are great ways to get fit together while still focusing on individual goals. However, if you want to celebrate your relationship too, a little sport is ideal.

You will naturally each have strengths and weaknesses. If your partner is great at netball while you love soccer, don’t be afraid to try both. Meanwhile, badminton and field hockey are two examples of sports where you most couples can enjoy relative parity.

Alternatively, you could join a mixed doubles tennis league.

#4. Learn Not To Judge

The pros of working out together easily outweigh the cons. However, the biggest threat is that judgmental attitudes could easily lead to disagreements. If you let them.

You will each have little quirks or do things that aren’t quite right. Try not to dwell on them. Likewise, there are sessions where you may look a little less attractive than you’d like while body odor is another worry. Try to prevent letting those issues affect the way you feel about each other.

Another potential problem comes from jealousy. It’s OK for you to talk to other men and women in the gym. Just make sure you each know your boundaries and it should be fine.