Music Monday: My All-Time Favorite Songs

This week’s Music Monday falls on a special day: my birthday. That’s right, on November 2nd V for Vetrano was born; and from a young age, music played a big part of my life. So, in honor of the big day, I’ve compiled some of my all time favorite songs –since birth– in one epic playlist.

Songs that have touched my soul from the moment I’ve heard them. Songs that take me back to a special memory. Songs that I never skip when they come up on my Pandora station. All these songs, in some way or another, represent the first thirty years of my life. From my very first purchased CD, No Doubt get caught in “Spiderwebs,” while Britney Spears hit’s me one more time with a memory from ’99. The Cardigans, Mariah Carey and Third Eye Blind all round out the list of songs that are helping me celebrate the momentous day.

So, stop what you’re doing and celebrate my big day with me by streaming my “Favorite Songs” playlist now below.

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