Little Tips That Keep You Focus On Your Fitness Journey

As Christmas is getting closer, you probably have already decided on your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like the majority of people, you’ve chosen to dedicate your resolutions to weight loss or fitness next year, it’s time for a necessary wakeup call. Firstly, you’ll have to remember that most people choose fitness as their objective for the year to come. However, the majority of them will fail to stick to their resolutions – on average; they are likely to give up within less than 2 weeks.

You, of course, don’t want to be one of them. You want to be one of the lucky one who manages to hit their objective. One word of advice to help you get there: If you’re going to stay focused on your fitness journey in 2019, you’d better start today to work on your mindset. Motivation comes from within!

Build up a routine

The first question you want to ask yourself is why should you wait until January, 1st, to start your fitness journey. A resolution is a promise you make yourself to change your habits. The reason why most resolutions fail is that people indulge during the Christmas and New Year season and then hope to embrace positive and healthy habits as soon as the bell rings midnight on the first day of the new year. Instead, you should try to build a workout routine now. You can train every day at home, using a metronome app to mark time. It doesn’t take much to develop a habit. But if you manage to maintain it through the festive period, you’re guaranteed to stick with it next year too!

Make yourself accountable

Why do we give up on our resolutions so easily? Because nobody is going to make ourselves responsible for throwing the towel. You are the only person you can’t lie to; making you the one who you have to justify giving up to. Consequently, putting yourself in charge of tracking your efforts – manually instead of using an app – means that you have to engage every day with your fitness plan. For many enthusiastic resolution makers, a bullet journal offers a stylish platform for answerability.

The knowledge that it’s a journey, not an overnight solution

Everyone wants to lose weight quickly. You’ve made the decision to change your body, why hasn’t it happened yet? The answer is that it took a long time for your body to change to its current shape. You can’t drop a size overnight. However, you can focus on factors that will make a difference, such as speeding up your metabolism and cutting out heavy carbs. Embark on the journey knowing that you’re not in for a quick success but full lifestyle improvement.

You deserve a reward

Last, but not least, your efforts should be rewarded. Why not make yourself a small gift for each new intermediary goal? Fashion items are a good incentive as they keep you focused on your figure. A night out, however, less so, as it can lead to excess food and drinking.

In short, if you want to turn your fitness journey in 2019 into a success story, you need to take your first step today. From picking a workout routine to buying a bullet journal, it’s time to take control of your goals.