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How to Travel Like a Seasoned Pro

If you’ve only just caught the travel bug and don’t have years of experience behind you, then you might be missing some tricks. And whether you’re planning a solo adventure or a family retreat, it’s always useful to be aware of the ways you can get the most out of your trip.

Experienced travellers have learned a thing or two as they’ve spent time all over the world. With their knowledge, you’ll travel like a seasoned pro and make the most of every trip. Here, we share some top tips.

1. Advertise Special Occasions

If you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary or another special occasion, then you may get something special by advertising the fact. Make a note on your hotel booking, or wear a badge on your big day.

Hotel staff and airline staff have limited powers to make someone’s day a little better. This kind of stuff is great for customer service ratings, and provides good publicity, so it’s something that they want to do. If they can find a reason to treat you with a room upgrade, free chocolate or a bottle of wine with your room service, then there’s a good chance that they will.

These types of treats aren’t guaranteed, but are more likely if the hotel is quiet and has some empty rooms, or if there’s a spare seat in First Class.

2. Be a polite passenger

Frequent flyers know that you often get more by using your manners. By being polite and friendly, you have a greater chance of getting the items you want on board. You might even get a seat upgrade, if there’s one available. Seasoned pros know that airline staff will do more for them if they’re as far from irritating as possible. If you’re annoying or overly demanding, then you might find that they’ve ‘run out’ of all of your favorite snacks.

3. Avoid the tourist spots

Tourist spots are popular for good reason, but they’re not where seasoned travelers go. Instead, the real pros know to look out for quieter, less well-known places.

Getting away from the tourist hubs provides a more authentic experience. Don’t ask other tourists for the best places to visit – take time to see where the locals like to go. This applies to restaurants, too. Often by speaking with hotel staff and other people local to the area, you will get better recommendations, where you’re not having to pay a premium, or wait hours for a table.

4. Carry the essentials

Seasoned pros know that facilities can be hit and miss. They always travel with toilet roll in their bag, in case public toilets don’t have any available, and will always carry hand sanitiser – particularly since the outbreak of coronavirus. Also consider a portable water purifier or filter, in case there are times when you don’t trust the local supply. These are all useful ways you can keep your travelling party safe during your time away

Seasoned pros know that the best way to travel is to be prepared, because you never know when your plans will change.