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Take 5: Hailey Steele

We all love to know what inspires our favorite stars and we want to know what – or who– is behind our favorite lyrics. But why so serious all the time? Take 5 was a regular feature on my music blog Tragic Kingdom that shed some light on the questions that you really want to know, but might never ask.  To kickstart the feature on Listen! It’s Vetrano, Nashville’s new darling Hailey Steele. In November, Chris sat down with the singer on the release of her debut EP to talk life in Nashville, her time on ‘The Voice’ and getting drunk with Christina Aguilera. As if that wasn’t fun enough, let’s Take 5 with Hailey Steele.

1. Guiltiest pleasure?

I love enjoying a bota box while binge-watching “Once Upon A Time” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

2. Favorite song of all time?

That’s tough. I’d have to choose “Georgia On My Mind” – Willie Nelson style.

3. If you were cast in a Real Housewives franchise, what would your opening tag line be?

“Sweet and Spicy like your favorite whiskey.”

4. Biggest moment of your career thus far?

I’d say my biggest career moments have been having a four-chair turn on The Voice, and getting to sing onstage with Willie Nelson.

5. Cooking or eating out? Favorite meal?

I love to cook! I like making brussels sprout stir-fry with bacon and smoked gouda chicken with mushrooms. My favorite meal in Nashville would be at Silly Goose followed by Jeni’s [Ice Cream]!

Read Chris’ full interview with Hailey Steele on Tragic Kingdom here and pick up self-titled debut EP on iTunes now