Great Ways To Conquer TikTok


If you are looking to help your business conquer the social world, one platform you cannot afford to miss out on is TikTok. TikTok has become a Titan in the social media world in the last few years, and there are many brands as well as individuals who make their living from posting content on TikTok and connecting with people all over the world. 

If you are new to this platform and you aren’t sure how to make the best content, we have some useful tips for you today. 

Keep on top of trends 

Taking the advice of marketing experts like Joey Armstrong – if you want to stay on top of the game you have to follow trends. TikTok is ever-changing and there are always new things trending on the site. Whether it be a new dance, a type of recipe like pasta chips, or some amazing singing – there is always something to look out for and Tik Tok will actually update you on the latest trends each week. Staying on top of these is important and being reactive with your posts will help you reach the right people and make your mark. 

Use filters 

Filters are such an important part of creating TikTok content and when you use a filter you are put into a playlist with other people who have used the same. This is almost like hashtags on posts and it helps people narrow down their interests and find people who are similar to them. By utilizing trending filters you’ll be put in front of more people and your chances of success are much higher as a result. 

Create a scene 

When watching popular TikToks you will notice that most people will either make a funny sketch or scene – or people will create a stunning background and ambience for the posts. If you are starting out on TikTok, creating the right atmosphere for your posts is important and it will dictate whether or not people will stay to watch more. Make sure that your content looks aesthetically pleasing and this will determine whether or not someone will stay and watch your content or scroll past it. 

Add text 

Adding text to videos such as cooking videos will improve the likelihood that people will watch your content. Even if you do a voiceover for your videos there is no guarantee that the person watching will be able to use sound when they see your video. This is why adding captions and subtitles can be useful and it will allow people to immerse themselves in the video wherever they are. 

Pay attention to editing 

Editing is so important when using TikTok and you should always take the time to edit your videos in a fun manner. This means adding sound effects, transitions, and making sure the video flows along with whatever background music you use. TikTok has a handy feature called sound sync where it will pick a piece of music depending on your videos and will edit the piece for you so it flows. For those new to editing, this can be a great place to start.