Planning A Road Trip: 5 Essential Tasks


There’s nothing like a summer road trip, the chance to explore beautiful destinations, and relax with your friends or family. To help you start planning your road trip, don’t forget these road trip essentials.

1 . Plan your route

First things first, you’ve got to plan out your road trip route. The route planning depends on what you’re looking for from your road trip. You might want to take the most scenic route possible? Maybe you’re looking for the quickest way to get to your final destination? Instead, you might want to avoid busy roads or highways? Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for, it’s far easier to make a plan.

Research some of the most beautiful destinations to take a road trip. Make a list, and share it with your friends and family. Taking time with your plans will ensure that you have the best trip.

2. Book some cool activities

Cruising the open roads is fun, but you won’t want to be in the car the whole ride! Before you get to your final destination, plan a few fun activities. You might like to try hiking, visit a museum, go swimming, or stop at a lovely restaurant? Research any cool excursions along the way, and figure out what you’ll have time for.

3. Get some handy apps

To plan your road trip there are lots of cool apps that can help. To make a start, try these options:

  • Roadside America: This app gives lots of info about neat roadside activities. Here you’ll get maps, photographs, and reports. You can find theme parks, beauty spots, tourist attractions, and lots more.
  • All Trails: Using the All Trails app you can search for thousands of different hiking trails across the globe. Filter your searches by difficulty, or book hiking excursions.

Before you head off it’s important to research your chosen destinations. Get the low down on your destinations, whether it’s things to avoid in Nashville, or activities to try in Colorado. Take your time to compare the prices of different hotels or hostels.

4. Perfect your playlist

Before you head off on a road trip, you’ll want to plan the perfect playlist. Choose songs to cater to all your passengers, to create a fun driving experience. It’s easy to create a playlist using Spotify, and you can ask your passengers to help. If you prefer, there are plenty of trivia game apps that are perfect for road trips. If you’re traveling with kids, keeping them entertained is essential!

5. Have your car serviced

It’s important to have your car serviced before going on a road trip. You’ll want to ensure that everything is in perfect working order before you drive. It’s a good idea to get paint protection film for your car, this will help to protect the paintwork in various driving conditions.

With the help of these five simple tasks, you’ll plan a road trip to remember. Remember to create a budget, to help you plan your road trip expenses.