Easy Fitness Training To Try At Home In Lockdown


During a lockdown, it can be difficult to have the motivation to stay for and build muscle. If you are stuck at home right now and it looks as if you’ll be here a while, an important thing for you to consider is gone workouts and hacks. 

There are plenty of ways you can work out easily at home, and today we want to share some of the simple ways you can stay fit and healthy and boost your self-esteem during a lockdown. 

Follow live streams 

While many gyms are closed for business right now, many of them still want to engage with their audience. A lot of gyms and fitness companies are providing live-streamed workouts every day through Facebook and Instagram. Take advantage of these workouts to keep your motivation high and allow you to try new things. 

Use wine bottles as weights 

Although you most likely already have weights at home; one simple hack, if you don’t, is to use wine bottles as weights. Wine bottles are easy enough to hold in your hands and while you are doing a workout they are easy to grab from the kitchen. You can also use tins of food and other small items that are weighted. 

Bench your partner 

Don’t have a bend press at home? Don’t worry. If you want an easy way to build those shoulder muscles during a lockdown, recruit your partner to help you. Get them to lie still on top of your chest and use your strength to bench press them. Not only will it be fun, but it will help keep those muscles happy. 

Take supplements 

It is still important even when you aren’t at the gym to use supplements to support the growth of muscle. You can try muscle nation or a number of other brands to ensure that your muscles stay big and strong even when you are stuck at home. 

Try couples exercises 

If you have a partner that you want to get fit with during lockdown, why not try some couples exercises together? Being stuck at home can be boring and exercising can actually be a great activity for you both to do together. There are lots of couples workouts out there to try, so have fun and get fit at the same time! 

Wear a weighted suit 

One of the clever ways to add a level of difficulty to your workout as well as strengthen muscles is to wear a weighted suit while you do it. When carrying out moves such as push-ups, burpees, and mountain climbers – a weighted jacket adds some extra resistance and forces your muscles to work harder, and grow bigger. 

Try body combat 

Looking for a fun type of workout to add to your routine? Body combat is the one for you. Les Mills Body Combat is a workout that will teach you self defense, a little kickboxing, and will work all of those little muscles you didn’t know existed. 

Try some of our exercise tips and hacks this winter and stay fit at home.