5 Things You Need to Know About a Holiday to Australia

When it comes to holidays, few are as exciting as a trip to Australia. But while the land Down Under can appear familiar to western travellers, there are many small and not-so-small differences that can produce wrinkles in the best-planned trip.

So here are five things that every holidaymaker should know before paying a visit to the land down under. Starting with:

Knowing it’s hot

Even if you’re acquainted with temperate climates, Australia is something else entirely. Last year saw temperatures rocket to 108 degrees Fahrenheit (or 42 degrees Celsius). This makes it essential to ensure that you always wear a hat, sunglasses and apply a suitable level of sun cream. It’s also worth remembering that heat can affect animals too, causing creatures to seek shade in your home or the inside of your car. This can make relatively docile animals such as kangaroos or koalas act erratically, making it essential to secure your property correctly.

Understanding your travel needs

When it comes to traveling across Australia, it’s worth remembering that the country is large… very large. Making your way from city to city or traveling across the country should not be taken lightly. Take into account the fuel you will need, as well as the discomfort heat can bring. It’s also worth factoring in time to acclimate to the heat and time differences, as some travelers can struggle to adjust. This should also be factored into your return trip, which should ideally see you come back on a Friday and give you the weekend for your circadian rhythm to recover.

Securing the right insurance

While Australia is a broadly safe country, it is important to remember finding appropriate, sound travel insurance is absolutely key to having a safe and successful trip. Finding the time to comprehensively compare providers can not only secure quality coverage but also help you to save money. Any professional insurer should be able to validate your specific needs and make sure they are accounted for; whether it’s taking part in surfing or beach sports, trekking through mangroves, or making sure you are covered for car rental or equipment hire. It is also essential to have appropriate evacuation insurance in the event of an injury, or poisoning from an animal bite, and so we would recommend checking this is included in your final package.

Understanding your visa

When it comes to booking your stay, it is vitally important to remember that you will need a visa to travel throughout the country. While many of these can be fast-tracked, leaving it to days before your travel can potentially end up derailing a fantastic (and very expensive) holiday. Double-checking your status and validating that everything is in order is an essential step that should never be missed under any circumstances.

Covering the cost

It’s worth remembering that, while Australia is a fantastic place to visit, your stay can prove expensive if you’re not prepared for it. The cost of living in Australia is one of the highest in the world, especially in larger cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. While residents of these areas are compensated by the relatively high salaries available, they can often prove a little too expensive for those staying for a few weeks or months. If you’re looking for a more affordable stay, towns such as Perth, Brisbane, or Adelaide are a little more affordable and easily reachable by public transport – further helping you keep your costs down when it’s needed the most.