This Is All It Takes To Stop Salads From Ruining Your Lunchtimes

When it comes time to pack a lunch for work, many of us opt for salads. They’re quick, easy, and a sure way to a healthy diet. Work salads are so beneficial that you may even slip into the habit of whipping one up every morning. Even in your blurry-eyed state, this takes you a maximum of five minutes. You couldn’t step away from that ease if you wanted to.

The trouble is that you’re at the end of your tether with eating the things. Far from being a joyous occasion, lunchtimes now fill you with dread. You swear that your hunger fades when you open the lid on those leafy greens. Every mouthful is more uninspiring than the next. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t matter what you take for lunch; you’re sure to get fed up when you make it too often. Salads are particular culprits of this as. But, does that mean you need to go back to unhealthy canteen options or spend time making something more elaborate? Not at all. Instead, you merely need to alternate the following things.

The leaves you use

There are a wide variety of edible greens. Why is it, then, that you settle for iceberg lettuce in every single one you make. When you have the same green every day of every week, it’s not surprising it gets dull. Shake this up by alternating through the week. Romaine and cos are fantastic iceberg replacements. You could even buy bags of mixed leaves. Heck, a bed of spinach could work well here. The point is, using the same leaf every day is never going to inspire you. So, don’t do it.

The toppings you choose

It’s also worth sparing a thought for your toppings. Using a bland breast of chicken every day isn’t going to get those taste buds going. If you do this, you only have yourself to blame for your lack of lunchtime excitement. Instead, really shake those toppings up. By going all out with something like these Alaskan king crab legs, you can add no end of interest to this one dish. Why not spice some potatoes and chickpeas and heat them in the oven while you get ready? Your best bet for keeping things fresh would be to plan out a different topping for each salad of the week. Just like that, you’ll feel as though you’re eating a different meal each day.

The dressings you drizzle

Dressings are really where salads get their flavour. These are the zest in an otherwise subtle meal. Which is why you should also alternate these. Using the same one each day, after all, will fast drive you crazy. With plenty of dressing recipes out there, you don’t even need to stick to one option. You could even make up small portions of each on Sunday night, and drizzle a different one over each salad. Pair these up with your toppings, and there’s a decent chance you’ll never find salads boring again.