Cause A Bang With Your Cocktails In The Simplest Ways Imaginable

There’s always pressure in hosting a party. It falls on you to make sure your guests have a good time, after all. Getting this right can both cement old friendships and secure new ones. It can make sure you’re the hottest host on the block. And it feels pretty good, too. Nothing beats the buzz of shutting the door on your last guest and knowing everyone had a fantastic time.

Of course, success here is often down to one thing and one thing only. The drinks on offer. The last thing you need is a stingy selection of dusty bottles that no one really wants to drink from. Nowadays, even offering straightforward drinks isn’t enough for the host with most. Instead, you need to go all out. By that, of course, we mean that need to make cocktails.

These fun drinks have been seeing a real comeback in recent years. Now, anyone who’s anyone knows all about how to create an elaborate cocktail menu. But, what happens if your skills in this department are lacking? Is your party sure to fall flat? Not at all. In fact, we have a few sneaky steps which could help you impressing regardless of your cocktail prowess.

A few additions

Nothing beats a cocktail addition or two. Go all out with these, and your cocktails will have the wow factor regardless of how they taste. Before the event, then, you want to stock up on as many cocktail umbrellas from sites like as you can. You could even go all out with drink sparklers and glitter tassels to set your cocktails off. These are small things which won’t take you much time to apply, but they add a sense of fun which is what parties like these are all about.

Terrific themes

You may also find it beneficial to incorporate a theme into your evening. By fitting your cocktails around that, you can impress even if your recipes aren’t all that great. People will appreciate the thought and ideas which have gone into your efforts. If you’re hosting a 20s style party, take time to look up which drinks would have been served. If you’re going all out with something like a Queen theme, impress with a Freddie Mercury style cocktail like this recipe at You name the theme; you can bet there’s a clever play to turn it into a cocktail.

Tricks of the trade

In reality, we all love cocktail bars because of the theatrics behind the making process. Cocktail waiters juggle with shakers and do all manner of defying stunts with their alcohol bottles. Tricks like these keep crowds coming back regardless of the cocktails themselves. That’s why our last suggestion is that you learn some of these. There’s no denying that it’ll be a challenge, but you can learn most things on YouTube now. So, do your research ahead of time. And hey, remember that you’re sure to get a cheer even if you do drop a bottle.