Fitness Gifts For The Holidays That Are Actually Useful

If you have got a gym bunny on or fitness fanatic on your gift list to buy for the holidays, then it can be tricky to know what to get them. If they are really into their fitness they may be particular about the things that they have. But there are some pretty good items that can be bought for them that will suit pretty much everyone, that can help them to keep at the gym and keeping smashing their goals. If you’re not too fitness inclined and wouldn’t have an idea of what to get them, there here are some of the things that you could look to get them.


Working out in silence is never fun. So to give motivation a boost, some new headphones is always a good idea. You could opt for some larger over the ear headphones like Beats by Dre, but there are plenty of good wireless options too, which can be really conducive to working out. Just check what they already have before spending, though, as headphones can be a little pricey.

Equipment To Try Something New

If your friend or family member tends to just stick to one thing in the gym or just one activity like running, then you could get them a gift that will help to encourage them to try something new. It could be some climbing clothes or shoes so that they could give rock climbing or a climbing wall a go, for instance. It could be swimming gear or something to encourage them to get out on their bike like a bottle, seat cover, or GPS. Just get a little creative and they could have fun with it in the new year.

Activity Tracker

There are plenty of activity trackers out there on the market at the moment, so the good news is that there are different ones for different tastes and different budgets. But an activity tracker could be just the thing that they need to take their working out to the next level, for instance. It could help them to track their sleep, check step count, and monitor their heart rate. If they’ve already got one then you could look for more stylish wrist straps as a gift, for example.

Food and Recovery

Someone that is a bit of a gym bunny would appreciate a gift of protein powders and accessories to help their recovery. So you could put together a hamper for them of plenty of different things that they would enjoy. It could be protein bars, a bag of powder, and a shaker bottle, for instance. Choose the flavors that they love and it will make all of the difference. That shows thought and effort on your part as it is specific to them.

The key to buying for someone that enjoys fitness is looking at what they already do. You could get things to help their workouts or recovery to be easier, or you could look for things that could complement what they are doing, like a yoga set or foam roller.